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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* hal.h - DIM2 HAL interface
* (MediaLB, Device Interface Macro IP, OS62420)
* Copyright (C) 2015, Microchip Technology Germany II GmbH & Co. KG
#ifndef _DIM2_HAL_H
#define _DIM2_HAL_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include "reg.h"
* The values below are specified in the hardware specification.
* So, they should not be changed until the hardware specification changes.
enum mlb_clk_speed {
CLK_256FS = 0,
CLK_512FS = 1,
CLK_1024FS = 2,
CLK_2048FS = 3,
CLK_3072FS = 4,
CLK_4096FS = 5,
CLK_6144FS = 6,
CLK_8192FS = 7,
struct dim_ch_state_t {
bool ready; /* Shows readiness to enqueue next buffer */
u16 done_buffers; /* Number of completed buffers */
struct int_ch_state {
/* changed only in interrupt context */
volatile int request_counter;
/* changed only in task context */
volatile int service_counter;
u8 idx1;
u8 idx2;
u8 level; /* [0..2], buffering level */
struct dim_channel {
struct int_ch_state state;
u8 addr;
u16 dbr_addr;
u16 dbr_size;
u16 packet_length; /*< Isochronous packet length in bytes. */
u16 bytes_per_frame; /*< Synchronous bytes per frame. */
u16 done_sw_buffers_number; /*< Done software buffers number. */
u8 dim_startup(struct dim2_regs __iomem *dim_base_address, u32 mlb_clock,
u32 fcnt);
void dim_shutdown(void);
bool dim_get_lock_state(void);
u16 dim_norm_ctrl_async_buffer_size(u16 buf_size);
u16 dim_norm_isoc_buffer_size(u16 buf_size, u16 packet_length);
u16 dim_norm_sync_buffer_size(u16 buf_size, u16 bytes_per_frame);
u8 dim_init_control(struct dim_channel *ch, u8 is_tx, u16 ch_address,
u16 max_buffer_size);
u8 dim_init_async(struct dim_channel *ch, u8 is_tx, u16 ch_address,
u16 max_buffer_size);
u8 dim_init_isoc(struct dim_channel *ch, u8 is_tx, u16 ch_address,
u16 packet_length);
u8 dim_init_sync(struct dim_channel *ch, u8 is_tx, u16 ch_address,
u16 bytes_per_frame);
u8 dim_destroy_channel(struct dim_channel *ch);
void dim_service_mlb_int_irq(void);
void dim_service_ahb_int_irq(struct dim_channel *const *channels);
u8 dim_service_channel(struct dim_channel *ch);
struct dim_ch_state_t *dim_get_channel_state(struct dim_channel *ch,
struct dim_ch_state_t *state_ptr);
u16 dim_dbr_space(struct dim_channel *ch);
bool dim_enqueue_buffer(struct dim_channel *ch, u32 buffer_addr,
u16 buffer_size);
bool dim_detach_buffers(struct dim_channel *ch, u16 buffers_number);
void dimcb_on_error(u8 error_id, const char *error_message);
#endif /* _DIM2_HAL_H */