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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
config NFC_ST21NFCA
select CRC_CCITT
STMicroelectronics ST21NFCA core driver. It implements the chipset
HCI logic and hooks into the NFC kernel APIs. Physical layers will
register against it.
config NFC_ST21NFCA_I2C
tristate "STMicroelectronics ST21NFCA NFC driver (I2C)"
depends on NFC_HCI && I2C && NFC_SHDLC
select NFC_ST21NFCA
This module adds support for the STMicroelectronics st21nfca i2c interface.
Select this if your platform is using the i2c bus.
If you choose to build a module, it'll be called st21nfca_i2c.
Say N if unsure.