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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Common values for the Poly1305 algorithm
#ifndef _CRYPTO_POLY1305_H
#define _CRYPTO_POLY1305_H
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/crypto.h>
#define POLY1305_BLOCK_SIZE 16
#define POLY1305_KEY_SIZE 32
#define POLY1305_DIGEST_SIZE 16
struct poly1305_key {
u32 r[5]; /* key, base 2^26 */
struct poly1305_state {
u32 h[5]; /* accumulator, base 2^26 */
struct poly1305_desc_ctx {
/* partial buffer */
u8 buf[POLY1305_BLOCK_SIZE];
/* bytes used in partial buffer */
unsigned int buflen;
/* how many keys have been set in r[] */
unsigned short rset;
/* whether s[] has been set */
bool sset;
/* finalize key */
u32 s[4];
/* accumulator */
struct poly1305_state h;
/* key */
struct poly1305_key r[CONFIG_CRYPTO_LIB_POLY1305_RSIZE];
void poly1305_init_arch(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc, const u8 *key);
void poly1305_init_generic(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc, const u8 *key);
static inline void poly1305_init(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc, const u8 *key)
poly1305_init_arch(desc, key);
poly1305_init_generic(desc, key);
void poly1305_update_arch(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc, const u8 *src,
unsigned int nbytes);
void poly1305_update_generic(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc, const u8 *src,
unsigned int nbytes);
static inline void poly1305_update(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc,
const u8 *src, unsigned int nbytes)
poly1305_update_arch(desc, src, nbytes);
poly1305_update_generic(desc, src, nbytes);
void poly1305_final_arch(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc, u8 *digest);
void poly1305_final_generic(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc, u8 *digest);
static inline void poly1305_final(struct poly1305_desc_ctx *desc, u8 *digest)
poly1305_final_arch(desc, digest);
poly1305_final_generic(desc, digest);