lib/hexdump: make print_hex_dump_bytes() a nop on !DEBUG builds

I'm seeing a bunch of debug prints from a user of print_hex_dump_bytes()
in my kernel logs, but I don't have CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG enabled nor do I
have DEBUG defined in my build.  The problem is that
print_hex_dump_bytes() calls a wrapper function in lib/hexdump.c that
calls print_hex_dump() with KERN_DEBUG level.  There are three cases to
consider here

  1. CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG=y  --> call dynamic_hex_dum()
  2. CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG=n && DEBUG --> call print_hex_dump()
  3. CONFIG_DYNAMIC_DEBUG=n && !DEBUG --> stub it out

Right now, that last case isn't detected and we still call
print_hex_dump() from the stub wrapper.

Let's make print_hex_dump_bytes() only call print_hex_dump_debug() so that
it works properly in all cases.

Case #1, print_hex_dump_debug() calls dynamic_hex_dump() and we get same
behavior.  Case #2, print_hex_dump_debug() calls print_hex_dump() with
KERN_DEBUG and we get the same behavior.  Case #3, print_hex_dump_debug()
is a nop, changing behavior to what we want, i.e.  print nothing.

Signed-off-by: Stephen Boyd <>
Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <>
2 files changed