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  1. 8bf7111 Bluetooth: Shutdown controller after workqueues are flushed or cancelled by Kai-Heng Feng · 4 days ago master
  2. 9159c7a Bluetooth: btbcm: Add entry for BCM43430B0 UART Bluetooth by Mikhail Rudenko · 8 days ago
  3. da68ad7 Bluetooth: btqca: Don't modify firmware contents in-place by Connor Abbott · 10 days ago
  4. 39cf4a9 Bluetooth: Fix alt settings for incoming SCO with transparent coding format by Kiran K · 6 weeks ago
  5. 2b16c52 Bluetooth: 6lowpan: remove unused function by Jiapeng Chong · 5 weeks ago
  6. 56ce20a66 Bluetooth: Add ncmd=0 recovery handling by Manish Mandlik · 3 weeks ago
  7. 183dce5a Bluetooth: btusb: Fix failing to init controllers with operation firmware by Luiz Augusto von Dentz · 2 weeks ago
  8. 335241a Bluetooth: hci_qca: fix potential GPF by Pavel Skripkin · 2 weeks ago
  9. c96a0eb Bluetooth: Fix the HCI to MGMT status conversion table by Yu Liu · 4 weeks ago
  10. 8da3a0b Bluetooth: cmtp: fix file refcount when cmtp_attach_device fails by Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo · 5 weeks ago
  11. 4f46690 Bluetooth: btusb: fix memory leak by Muhammad Usama Anjum · 5 weeks ago
  12. 80352192 Bluetooth: btusb: Add support for Lite-On Mediatek Chip by mark-yw.chen · 5 weeks ago
  13. 2164375a Bluetooth: btusb: Fixed too many in-token issue for Mediatek Chip. by mark-yw.chen · 5 weeks ago
  14. 9a5e130 Bluetooth: virtio_bt: add missing null pointer check on alloc_skb call return by Colin Ian King · 5 weeks ago
  15. dec7091 Bluetooth: Return whether a connection is outbound by Yu Liu · 5 weeks ago
  16. b877c48 Bluetooth: use flexible-array member instead of zero-length array by Qiheng Lin · 5 weeks ago
  17. 3ce9cef Bluetooth: 6lowpan: delete unneeded variable initialization by Kai Ye · 7 weeks ago
  18. 9d31d23 Merge tag 'net-next-5.13' of git:// by Linus Torvalds · 3 weeks ago
  19. 635de95 Merge tag 'x86-mm-2021-04-29' of git:// by Linus Torvalds · 3 weeks ago
  20. d0cc7ec Merge tag 'microblaze-v5.13' of git:// by Linus Torvalds · 3 weeks ago