samples/bpf: Install libbpf headers when building

API headers from libbpf should not be accessed directly from the source
directory. Instead, they should be exported with "make install_headers".
Make sure that samples/bpf/Makefile installs the headers properly when

The object compiled from and exported by libbpf are now placed into a
subdirectory of sample/bpf/ instead of remaining in tools/lib/bpf/. We
attempt to remove this directory on "make clean". However, the "clean"
target re-enters the samples/bpf/ directory from the root of the
repository ("$(MAKE) -C ../../ M=$(CURDIR) clean"), in such a way that
$(srctree) and $(src) are not defined, making it impossible to use
$(LIBBPF_OUTPUT) and $(LIBBPF_DESTDIR) in the recipe. So we only attempt
to clean $(CURDIR)/libbpf, which is the default value.

Add a dependency on libbpf's headers for the $(TRACE_HELPERS).

We also change the output directory for bpftool, to place the generated
objects under samples/bpf/bpftool/ instead of building in bpftool's
directory directly. Doing so, we make sure bpftool reuses the libbpf
library previously compiled and installed.

Signed-off-by: Quentin Monnet <>
Signed-off-by: Andrii Nakryiko <>
1 file changed