Merge branch 'add support for writable bare tracepoint'

Hou Tao says:


From: Hou Tao <>


The patchset series supports writable context for bare tracepoint.

The main idea comes from patchset "writable contexts for bpf raw
tracepoints" [1], but it only supports normal tracepoint with
associated trace event under tracefs. Now we have one use case
in which we add bare tracepoint in VFS layer, and update
file::f_mode for specific files. The reason using bare tracepoint
is that it doesn't form a ABI and we can change it freely. So
add support for it in BPF.

Comments are always welcome.


Change log:
 * rebased on bpf-next
 * patch 1: add Acked-by tag
 * patch 2: handle invalid section name, make prefixes array being const

 * rebased on bpf-next
 * update patch 2 to add support for writable raw tracepoint attachment
   in attach_raw_tp().
 * update patch 3 to add Acked-by tag

  * use raw_tp.w instead of raw_tp_writable as section
    name of writable tp
  * use ASSERT_XXX() instead of CHECK()
  * define a common macro for "/sys/kernel/bpf_testmod"

  * rebase on bpf-next tree
  * address comments from Yonghong Song
  * rename bpf_testmode_test_writable_ctx::ret as early_ret to reflect
    its purpose better.


Signed-off-by: Andrii Nakryiko <>