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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* mc.h: Definitions for SGI Memory Controller
* Copyright (C) 1996 David S. Miller
* Copyright (C) 1999 Ralf Baechle
* Copyright (C) 1999 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
#ifndef _SGI_MC_H
#define _SGI_MC_H
struct sgimc_regs {
u32 _unused0;
volatile u32 cpuctrl0; /* CPU control register 0, readwrite */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_REFS 0x0000000f /* REFS mask */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_EREFRESH 0x00000010 /* Memory refresh enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_EPERRGIO 0x00000020 /* GIO parity error enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_EPERRMEM 0x00000040 /* Main mem parity error enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_EPERRCPU 0x00000080 /* CPU bus parity error enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_WDOG 0x00000100 /* Watchdog timer enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_SYSINIT 0x00000200 /* System init bit */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_GFXRESET 0x00000400 /* Graphics interface reset */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_EISALOCK 0x00000800 /* Lock CPU from memory for EISA */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_EPERRSCMD 0x00001000 /* SysCMD bus parity error enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_IENAB 0x00002000 /* Allow interrupts from MC */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_ESNOOP 0x00004000 /* Snooping I/O enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_EPROMWR 0x00008000 /* Prom writes from cpu enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_WRESETPMEM 0x00010000 /* Perform warm reset, preserves mem */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_LENDIAN 0x00020000 /* Put MC in little-endian mode */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_WRESETDMEM 0x00040000 /* Warm reset, destroys mem contents */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_CMEMBADPAR 0x02000000 /* Generate bad perr from cpu to mem */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_R4KNOCHKPARR 0x04000000 /* Don't chk parity on mem data reads */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL0_GIOBTOB 0x08000000 /* Allow GIO back to back writes */
u32 _unused1;
volatile u32 cpuctrl1; /* CPU control register 1, readwrite */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL1_EGIOTIMEO 0x00000010 /* GIO bus timeout enable */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL1_FIXEDEHPC 0x00001000 /* Fixed HPC endianness */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL1_LITTLEHPC 0x00002000 /* Little endian HPC */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL1_FIXEDEEXP0 0x00004000 /* Fixed EXP0 endianness */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL1_LITTLEEXP0 0x00008000 /* Little endian EXP0 */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL1_FIXEDEEXP1 0x00010000 /* Fixed EXP1 endianness */
#define SGIMC_CCTRL1_LITTLEEXP1 0x00020000 /* Little endian EXP1 */
u32 _unused2;
volatile u32 watchdogt; /* Watchdog reg rdonly, write clears */
u32 _unused3;
volatile u32 systemid; /* MC system ID register, readonly */
#define SGIMC_SYSID_MASKREV 0x0000000f /* Revision of MC controller */
#define SGIMC_SYSID_EPRESENT 0x00000010 /* Indicates presence of EISA bus */
u32 _unused4[3];
volatile u32 divider; /* Divider reg for RPSS */
u32 _unused5;
volatile u32 eeprom; /* EEPROM byte reg for r4k */
#define SGIMC_EEPROM_PRE 0x00000001 /* eeprom chip PRE pin assertion */
#define SGIMC_EEPROM_CSEL 0x00000002 /* Active high, eeprom chip select */
#define SGIMC_EEPROM_SECLOCK 0x00000004 /* EEPROM serial clock */
#define SGIMC_EEPROM_SDATAO 0x00000008 /* Serial EEPROM data-out */
#define SGIMC_EEPROM_SDATAI 0x00000010 /* Serial EEPROM data-in */
u32 _unused6[3];
volatile u32 rcntpre; /* Preload refresh counter */
u32 _unused7;
volatile u32 rcounter; /* Readonly refresh counter */
u32 _unused8[13];
volatile u32 giopar; /* Parameter word for GIO64 */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_HPC64 0x00000001 /* HPC talks to GIO using 64-bits */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_GFX64 0x00000002 /* GFX talks to GIO using 64-bits */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_EXP064 0x00000004 /* EXP(slot0) talks using 64-bits */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_EXP164 0x00000008 /* EXP(slot1) talks using 64-bits */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_EISA64 0x00000010 /* EISA bus talks 64-bits to GIO */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_HPC264 0x00000020 /* 2nd HPX talks 64-bits to GIO */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_RTIMEGFX 0x00000040 /* GFX device has realtime attr */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_RTIMEEXP0 0x00000080 /* EXP(slot0) has realtime attr */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_RTIMEEXP1 0x00000100 /* EXP(slot1) has realtime attr */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_MASTEREISA 0x00000200 /* EISA bus can act as bus master */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_ONEBUS 0x00000400 /* Exists one GIO64 pipelined bus */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_MASTERGFX 0x00000800 /* GFX can act as a bus master */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_MASTEREXP0 0x00001000 /* EXP(slot0) can bus master */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_MASTEREXP1 0x00002000 /* EXP(slot1) can bus master */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_PLINEEXP0 0x00004000 /* EXP(slot0) has pipeline attr */
#define SGIMC_GIOPAR_PLINEEXP1 0x00008000 /* EXP(slot1) has pipeline attr */
u32 _unused9;
volatile u32 cputp; /* CPU bus arb time period */
u32 _unused10[3];
volatile u32 lbursttp; /* Time period for long bursts */
/* MC chip can drive up to 4 bank 4 SIMMs each. All SIMMs in bank must
* be the same size. The size encoding for supported SIMMs is bellow */
u32 _unused11[9];
volatile u32 mconfig0; /* Memory config register zero */
u32 _unused12;
volatile u32 mconfig1; /* Memory config register one */
#define SGIMC_MCONFIG_BASEADDR 0x000000ff /* Base address of bank*/
#define SGIMC_MCONFIG_RMASK 0x00001f00 /* Ram config bitmask */
#define SGIMC_MCONFIG_BVALID 0x00002000 /* Bank is valid */
#define SGIMC_MCONFIG_SBANKS 0x00004000 /* Number of subbanks */
u32 _unused13;
volatile u32 cmacc; /* Mem access config for CPU */
u32 _unused14;
volatile u32 gmacc; /* Mem access config for GIO */
/* This define applies to both cmacc and gmacc registers above. */
#define SGIMC_MACC_ALIASBIG 0x20000000 /* 512MB home for alias */
/* Error address/status regs from GIO and CPU perspectives. */
u32 _unused15;
volatile u32 cerr; /* Error address reg for CPU */
u32 _unused16;
volatile u32 cstat; /* Status reg for CPU */
#define SGIMC_CSTAT_RD 0x00000100 /* read parity error */
#define SGIMC_CSTAT_PAR 0x00000200 /* CPU parity error */
#define SGIMC_CSTAT_ADDR 0x00000400 /* memory bus error bad addr */
#define SGIMC_CSTAT_SYSAD_PAR 0x00000800 /* sysad parity error */
#define SGIMC_CSTAT_SYSCMD_PAR 0x00001000 /* syscmd parity error */
#define SGIMC_CSTAT_BAD_DATA 0x00002000 /* bad data identifier */
#define SGIMC_CSTAT_PAR_MASK 0x00001f00 /* parity error mask */
u32 _unused17;
volatile u32 gerr; /* Error address reg for GIO */
u32 _unused18;
volatile u32 gstat; /* Status reg for GIO */
#define SGIMC_GSTAT_RD 0x00000100 /* read parity error */
#define SGIMC_GSTAT_WR 0x00000200 /* write parity error */
#define SGIMC_GSTAT_TIME 0x00000400 /* GIO bus timed out */
#define SGIMC_GSTAT_PROM 0x00000800 /* write to PROM when PROM_EN not set */
#define SGIMC_GSTAT_ADDR 0x00001000 /* parity error on addr cycle */
#define SGIMC_GSTAT_BC 0x00002000 /* parity error on byte count cycle */
#define SGIMC_GSTAT_PIO_RD 0x00004000 /* read data parity on pio */
#define SGIMC_GSTAT_PIO_WR 0x00008000 /* write data parity on pio */
/* Special hard bus locking registers. */
u32 _unused19;
volatile u32 syssembit; /* Uni-bit system semaphore */
u32 _unused20;
volatile u32 mlock; /* Global GIO memory access lock */
u32 _unused21;
volatile u32 elock; /* Locks EISA from GIO accesses */
/* GIO dma control registers. */
u32 _unused22[15];
volatile u32 gio_dma_trans; /* DMA mask to translation GIO addrs */
u32 _unused23;
volatile u32 gio_dma_sbits; /* DMA GIO addr substitution bits */
u32 _unused24;
volatile u32 dma_intr_cause; /* DMA IRQ cause indicator bits */
u32 _unused25;
volatile u32 dma_ctrl; /* Main DMA control reg */
/* DMA TLB entry 0 */
u32 _unused26[5];
volatile u32 dtlb_hi0;
u32 _unused27;
volatile u32 dtlb_lo0;
/* DMA TLB entry 1 */
u32 _unused28;
volatile u32 dtlb_hi1;
u32 _unused29;
volatile u32 dtlb_lo1;
/* DMA TLB entry 2 */
u32 _unused30;
volatile u32 dtlb_hi2;
u32 _unused31;
volatile u32 dtlb_lo2;
/* DMA TLB entry 3 */
u32 _unused32;
volatile u32 dtlb_hi3;
u32 _unused33;
volatile u32 dtlb_lo3;
u32 _unused34[0x0392];
u32 _unused35;
volatile u32 rpsscounter; /* Chirps at 100ns */
u32 _unused36[0x1000/4-2*4];
u32 _unused37;
volatile u32 maddronly; /* Address DMA goes at */
u32 _unused38;
volatile u32 maddrpdeflts; /* Same as above, plus set defaults */
u32 _unused39;
volatile u32 dmasz; /* DMA count */
u32 _unused40;
volatile u32 ssize; /* DMA stride size */
u32 _unused41;
volatile u32 gmaddronly; /* Set GIO DMA but don't start trans */
u32 _unused42;
volatile u32 dmaddnpgo; /* Set GIO DMA addr + start transfer */
u32 _unused43;
volatile u32 dmamode; /* DMA mode config bit settings */
u32 _unused44;
volatile u32 dmaccount; /* Zoom and byte count for DMA */
u32 _unused45;
volatile u32 dmastart; /* Pedal to the metal. */
u32 _unused46;
volatile u32 dmarunning; /* DMA op is in progress */
u32 _unused47;
volatile u32 maddrdefstart; /* Set dma addr, defaults, and kick it */
extern struct sgimc_regs *sgimc;
#define SGIMC_BASE 0x1fa00000 /* physical */
/* Base location of the two ram banks found in IP2[0268] machines. */
#define SGIMC_SEG0_BADDR 0x08000000
#define SGIMC_SEG1_BADDR 0x20000000
/* Maximum size of the above banks are per machine. */
#define SGIMC_SEG0_SIZE_ALL 0x10000000 /* 256MB */
#define SGIMC_SEG1_SIZE_IP20_IP22 0x08000000 /* 128MB */
#define SGIMC_SEG1_SIZE_IP26_IP28 0x20000000 /* 512MB */
extern void sgimc_init(void);
#endif /* _SGI_MC_H */