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* linux/include/asm-mips/tx4938/spi.h
* Definitions for TX4937/TX4938 SPI
* Copyright (C) 2000-2001 Toshiba Corporation
* 2003-2005 (c) MontaVista Software, Inc. This file is licensed under the
* terms of the GNU General Public License version 2. This program is
* licensed "as is" without any warranty of any kind, whether express
* or implied.
* Support for TX4938 in 2.6 - Manish Lachwani (
#ifndef __ASM_TX_BOARDS_TX4938_SPI_H
#define __ASM_TX_BOARDS_TX4938_SPI_H
/* SPI */
struct spi_dev_desc {
unsigned int baud;
unsigned short tcss, tcsh, tcsr; /* CS setup/hold/recovery time */
unsigned int byteorder:1; /* 0:LSB-First, 1:MSB-First */
unsigned int polarity:1; /* 0:High-Active */
unsigned int phase:1; /* 0:Sample-Then-Shift */
extern void txx9_spi_init(unsigned long base, int (*cs_func)(int chipid, int on)) __init;
extern void txx9_spi_irqinit(int irc_irq) __init;
extern int txx9_spi_io(int chipid, struct spi_dev_desc *desc,
unsigned char **inbufs, unsigned int *incounts,
unsigned char **outbufs, unsigned int *outcounts,
int cansleep);
extern int spi_eeprom_write_enable(int chipid, int enable);
extern int spi_eeprom_read_status(int chipid);
extern int spi_eeprom_read(int chipid, int address, unsigned char *buf, int len);
extern int spi_eeprom_write(int chipid, int address, unsigned char *buf, int len);
extern void spi_eeprom_proc_create(struct proc_dir_entry *dir, int chipid) __init;
#define TXX9_IMCLK (txx9_gbus_clock / 2)
/* SPMCR : SPI Master Control */
#define TXx9_SPMCR_OPMODE 0xc0
#define TXx9_SPMCR_CONFIG 0x40
#define TXx9_SPMCR_ACTIVE 0x80
#define TXx9_SPMCR_SPSTP 0x02
#define TXx9_SPMCR_BCLR 0x01
/* SPCR0 : SPI Status */
#define TXx9_SPCR0_TXIFL_MASK 0xc000
#define TXx9_SPCR0_RXIFL_MASK 0x3000
#define TXx9_SPCR0_SIDIE 0x0800
#define TXx9_SPCR0_SOEIE 0x0400
#define TXx9_SPCR0_RBSIE 0x0200
#define TXx9_SPCR0_TBSIE 0x0100
#define TXx9_SPCR0_IFSPSE 0x0010
#define TXx9_SPCR0_SBOS 0x0004
#define TXx9_SPCR0_SPHA 0x0002
#define TXx9_SPCR0_SPOL 0x0001
/* SPSR : SPI Status */
#define TXx9_SPSR_TBSI 0x8000
#define TXx9_SPSR_RBSI 0x4000
#define TXx9_SPSR_TBS_MASK 0x3800
#define TXx9_SPSR_RBS_MASK 0x0700
#define TXx9_SPSR_SPOE 0x0080
#define TXx9_SPSR_IFSD 0x0008
#define TXx9_SPSR_SIDLE 0x0004
#define TXx9_SPSR_STRDY 0x0002
#define TXx9_SPSR_SRRDY 0x0001
#endif /* __ASM_TX_BOARDS_TX4938_SPI_H */