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* SELinux support for the XFRM LSM hooks
* Author : Trent Jaeger, <>
#ifndef _SELINUX_XFRM_H_
#define _SELINUX_XFRM_H_
int selinux_xfrm_policy_alloc(struct xfrm_policy *xp, struct xfrm_user_sec_ctx *sec_ctx);
int selinux_xfrm_policy_clone(struct xfrm_policy *old, struct xfrm_policy *new);
void selinux_xfrm_policy_free(struct xfrm_policy *xp);
int selinux_xfrm_state_alloc(struct xfrm_state *x, struct xfrm_user_sec_ctx *sec_ctx);
void selinux_xfrm_state_free(struct xfrm_state *x);
int selinux_xfrm_policy_lookup(struct xfrm_policy *xp, u32 sk_sid, u8 dir);
* Extract the security blob from the sock (it's actually on the socket)
static inline struct inode_security_struct *get_sock_isec(struct sock *sk)
if (!sk->sk_socket)
return NULL;
return SOCK_INODE(sk->sk_socket)->i_security;
static inline u32 selinux_no_sk_sid(struct flowi *fl)
/* NOTE: no sock occurs on ICMP reply, forwards, ... */
/* icmp_reply: authorize as kernel packet */
if (fl && fl->proto == IPPROTO_ICMP) {
int selinux_xfrm_sock_rcv_skb(u32 sid, struct sk_buff *skb);
int selinux_xfrm_postroute_last(u32 isec_sid, struct sk_buff *skb);
static inline int selinux_xfrm_sock_rcv_skb(u32 isec_sid, struct sk_buff *skb)
return 0;
static inline int selinux_xfrm_postroute_last(u32 isec_sid, struct sk_buff *skb)
return NF_ACCEPT;
#endif /* _SELINUX_XFRM_H_ */