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* ac97.h
* definitions for the AC97, Intel's Audio Codec 97 Spec
* also includes support for a generic AC97 interface
#ifndef _AC97_H_
#define _AC97_H_
#include "sound_config.h"
#include "sound_calls.h"
#define AC97_RESET 0x0000 //
#define AC97_MASTER_VOL_STEREO 0x0002 // Line Out
#define AC97_HEADPHONE_VOL 0x0004 //
#define AC97_MASTER_VOL_MONO 0x0006 // TAD Output
#define AC97_MASTER_TONE 0x0008 //
#define AC97_PCBEEP_VOL 0x000a // none
#define AC97_PHONE_VOL 0x000c // TAD Input (mono)
#define AC97_MIC_VOL 0x000e // MIC Input (mono)
#define AC97_LINEIN_VOL 0x0010 // Line Input (stereo)
#define AC97_CD_VOL 0x0012 // CD Input (stereo)
#define AC97_VIDEO_VOL 0x0014 // none
#define AC97_AUX_VOL 0x0016 // Aux Input (stereo)
#define AC97_PCMOUT_VOL 0x0018 // Wave Output (stereo)
#define AC97_RECORD_SELECT 0x001a //
#define AC97_RECORD_GAIN 0x001c
#define AC97_RECORD_GAIN_MIC 0x001e
#define AC97_GENERAL_PURPOSE 0x0020
#define AC97_3D_CONTROL 0x0022
#define AC97_MODEM_RATE 0x0024
#define AC97_POWER_CONTROL 0x0026
/* registers 0x0028 - 0x0058 are reserved */
/* AC'97 2.0 */
#define AC97_EXTENDED_ID 0x0028 /* Extended Audio ID */
#define AC97_EXTENDED_STATUS 0x002A /* Extended Audio Status */
#define AC97_PCM_FRONT_DAC_RATE 0x002C /* PCM Front DAC Rate */
#define AC97_PCM_SURR_DAC_RATE 0x002E /* PCM Surround DAC Rate */
#define AC97_PCM_LFE_DAC_RATE 0x0030 /* PCM LFE DAC Rate */
#define AC97_PCM_LR_ADC_RATE 0x0032 /* PCM LR DAC Rate */
#define AC97_PCM_MIC_ADC_RATE 0x0034 /* PCM MIC ADC Rate */
#define AC97_CENTER_LFE_MASTER 0x0036 /* Center + LFE Master Volume */
#define AC97_SURROUND_MASTER 0x0038 /* Surround (Rear) Master Volume */
#define AC97_RESERVED_3A 0x003A /* Reserved */
/* range 0x3c-0x58 - MODEM */
/* registers 0x005a - 0x007a are vendor reserved */
#define AC97_VENDOR_ID1 0x007c
#define AC97_VENDOR_ID2 0x007e
/* volume control bit defines */
#define AC97_MUTE 0x8000
#define AC97_MICBOOST 0x0040
#define AC97_LEFTVOL 0x3f00
#define AC97_RIGHTVOL 0x003f
/* record mux defines */
#define AC97_RECMUX_MIC 0x0000
#define AC97_RECMUX_CD 0x0101
#define AC97_RECMUX_VIDEO 0x0202 /* not used */
#define AC97_RECMUX_AUX 0x0303
#define AC97_RECMUX_LINE 0x0404
#define AC97_RECMUX_STEREO_MIX 0x0505
#define AC97_RECMUX_MONO_MIX 0x0606
#define AC97_RECMUX_PHONE 0x0707
/* general purpose register bit defines */
#define AC97_GP_LPBK 0x0080 /* Loopback mode */
#define AC97_GP_MS 0x0100 /* Mic Select 0=Mic1, 1=Mic2 */
#define AC97_GP_MIX 0x0200 /* Mono output select 0=Mix, 1=Mic */
#define AC97_GP_RLBK 0x0400 /* Remote Loopback - Modem line codec */
#define AC97_GP_LLBK 0x0800 /* Local Loopback - Modem Line codec */
#define AC97_GP_LD 0x1000 /* Loudness 1=on */
#define AC97_GP_3D 0x2000 /* 3D Enhancement 1=on */
#define AC97_GP_ST 0x4000 /* Stereo Enhancement 1=on */
#define AC97_GP_POP 0x8000 /* Pcm Out Path, 0=pre 3D, 1=post 3D */
/* powerdown control and status bit defines */
/* status */
#define AC97_PWR_MDM 0x0010 /* Modem section ready */
#define AC97_PWR_REF 0x0008 /* Vref nominal */
#define AC97_PWR_ANL 0x0004 /* Analog section ready */
#define AC97_PWR_DAC 0x0002 /* DAC section ready */
#define AC97_PWR_ADC 0x0001 /* ADC section ready */
/* control */
#define AC97_PWR_PR0 0x0100 /* ADC and Mux powerdown */
#define AC97_PWR_PR1 0x0200 /* DAC powerdown */
#define AC97_PWR_PR2 0x0400 /* Output mixer powerdown (Vref on) */
#define AC97_PWR_PR3 0x0800 /* Output mixer powerdown (Vref off) */
#define AC97_PWR_PR4 0x1000 /* AC-link powerdown */
#define AC97_PWR_PR5 0x2000 /* Internal Clk disable */
#define AC97_PWR_PR6 0x4000 /* HP amp powerdown */
#define AC97_PWR_PR7 0x8000 /* Modem off - if supported */
/* useful power states */
#define AC97_PWR_D0 0x0000 /* everything on */
#define AC97_PWR_D1 AC97_PWR_PR0|AC97_PWR_PR1|AC97_PWR_PR4
#define AC97_PWR_D2 AC97_PWR_PR0|AC97_PWR_PR1|AC97_PWR_PR2|AC97_PWR_PR3|AC97_PWR_PR4
#define AC97_PWR_D3 AC97_PWR_PR0|AC97_PWR_PR1|AC97_PWR_PR2|AC97_PWR_PR3|AC97_PWR_PR4
#define AC97_PWR_ANLOFF AC97_PWR_PR2|AC97_PWR_PR3 /* analog section off */
/* Total number of defined registers. */
#define AC97_REG_CNT 64
/* Generic AC97 mixer interface. */
/* Structure describing access to the hardware. */
struct ac97_hwint
/* Perform any hardware-specific reset and initialization. Returns
0 on success, or a negative error code. */
int (*reset_device) (struct ac97_hwint *dev);
/* Returns the contents of the specified register REG. The caller
should check to see if the desired contents are available in
the cache first, if applicable. Returns a positive unsigned value
representing the contents of the register, or a negative error
code. */
int (*read_reg) (struct ac97_hwint *dev, u8 reg);
/* Writes VALUE to register REG. Returns 0 on success, or a
negative error code. */
int (*write_reg) (struct ac97_hwint *dev, u8 reg, u16 value);
/* Hardware-specific information. */
void *driver_private;
/* Three OSS masks. */
int mixer_devmask;
int mixer_stereomask;
int mixer_recmask;
/* The mixer cache. The indices correspond to the AC97 hardware register
number / 2, since the register numbers are always an even number.
Unknown values are set to -1; unsupported registers contain a
-2. */
int last_written_mixer_values[AC97_REG_CNT];
/* A cache of values written via OSS; we need these so we can return
the values originally written by the user.
Why the original user values? Because the real-world hardware
has less precision, and some existing applications assume that
they will get back the exact value that they wrote (aumix).
A -1 value indicates that no value has been written to this mixer
channel via OSS. */
int last_written_OSS_values[SOUND_MIXER_NRDEVICES];
/* Values stored in the register cache. */
#define AC97_REGVAL_UNKNOWN -1
struct ac97_mixer_value_list
/* Mixer channel to set. List is terminated by a value of -1. */
int oss_channel;
/* The scaled value to set it to; values generally range from 0-100. */
union {
struct {
u8 left, right;
} stereo;
u8 mono;
} value;
/* Initialize the ac97 mixer by resetting it. */
extern int ac97_init (struct ac97_hwint *dev);
/* Sets the mixer DEV to the values in VALUE_LIST. Returns 0 on success,
or a negative error code. */
extern int ac97_set_values (struct ac97_hwint *dev,
struct ac97_mixer_value_list *value_list);
/* Writes the specified VALUE to the AC97 register REG in the mixer.
Takes care of setting the last-written cache as well. */
extern int ac97_put_register (struct ac97_hwint *dev, u8 reg, u16 value);
/* Default ioctl. */
extern int ac97_mixer_ioctl (struct ac97_hwint *dev, unsigned int cmd,
void __user * arg);
/* Do a complete reset on the AC97 mixer, restoring all mixer registers to
the current values. Normally used after an APM resume event. */
extern int ac97_reset (struct ac97_hwint *dev);
* Local variables:
* c-basic-offset: 4
* End: