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* Definitions of the 'direct midi sound' interface used
* by the newer commercial OSS package. We should export
* this to userland somewhere in glibc later.
* Data structure composing an FM "note" or sound event.
struct dm_fm_voice
u8 op;
u8 voice;
u8 am;
u8 vibrato;
u8 do_sustain;
u8 kbd_scale;
u8 harmonic;
u8 scale_level;
u8 volume;
u8 attack;
u8 decay;
u8 sustain;
u8 release;
u8 feedback;
u8 connection;
u8 left;
u8 right;
u8 waveform;
* This describes an FM note by its voice, octave, frequency number (10bit)
* and key on/off.
struct dm_fm_note
u8 voice;
u8 octave;
u32 fnum;
u8 key_on;
* FM parameters that apply globally to all voices, and thus are not "notes"
struct dm_fm_params
u8 am_depth;
u8 vib_depth;
u8 kbd_split;
u8 rhythm;
/* This block is the percussion instrument data */
u8 bass;
u8 snare;
u8 tomtom;
u8 cymbal;
u8 hihat;
* FM mode ioctl settings
#define FM_IOCTL_RESET 0x20
#define FM_IOCTL_PLAY_NOTE 0x21
#define FM_IOCTL_SET_VOICE 0x22
#define FM_IOCTL_SET_PARAMS 0x23
#define FM_IOCTL_SET_MODE 0x24
#define FM_IOCTL_SET_OPL 0x25