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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* max8973-regulator.h -- MAXIM 8973 regulator
* Interface for regulator driver for MAXIM 8973 DC-DC step-down
* switching regulator.
* Copyright (C) 2012 NVIDIA Corporation
* Author: Laxman Dewangan <>
* Control flags for configuration of the device.
* Client need to pass this information with ORed
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_REMOTE_SENSE_ENABLE 0x00000001
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_BIAS_ENABLE 0x00000008
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_PULL_DOWN_ENABLE 0x00000010
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_FREQ_SHIFT_9PER_ENABLE 0x00000020
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_CLKADV_TRIP_75mV_PER_US 0x00010000
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_CLKADV_TRIP_150mV_PER_US 0x00020000
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_CLKADV_TRIP_75mV_PER_US_HIST_DIS 0x00030000
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_INDUCTOR_VALUE_MINUS_30_PER 0x00100000
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_INDUCTOR_VALUE_PLUS_30_PER 0x00200000
#define MAX8973_CONTROL_INDUCTOR_VALUE_PLUS_60_PER 0x00300000
* struct max8973_regulator_platform_data - max8973 regulator platform data.
* @reg_init_data: The regulator init data.
* @control_flags: Control flags which are ORed value of above flags to
* configure device.
* @junction_temp_warning: Junction temp in millicelcius on which warning need
* to be set. Thermal functionality is only supported on
* MAX77621. The threshold warning supported by MAX77621
* are 120C and 140C.
* @enable_ext_control: Enable the voltage enable/disable through external
* control signal from EN input pin. If it is false then
* voltage output will be enabled/disabled through EN bit of
* device register.
* @enable_gpio: Enable GPIO. If EN pin is controlled through GPIO from host
* then GPIO number can be provided. If no GPIO controlled then
* it should be -1.
* @dvs_gpio: GPIO for dvs. It should be -1 if this is tied with fixed logic.
* @dvs_def_state: Default state of dvs. 1 if it is high else 0.
struct max8973_regulator_platform_data {
struct regulator_init_data *reg_init_data;
unsigned long control_flags;
unsigned long junction_temp_warning;
bool enable_ext_control;
int enable_gpio;
int dvs_gpio;
unsigned dvs_def_state:1;
#endif /* __LINUX_REGULATOR_MAX8973_H */