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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2015-2016 MediaTek Inc.
* Author: Houlong Wei <>
* Ming Hsiu Tsai <>
#ifndef __MTK_MDP_CORE_H__
#define __MTK_MDP_CORE_H__
#include <linux/videodev2.h>
#include <media/v4l2-ctrls.h>
#include <media/v4l2-device.h>
#include <media/v4l2-mem2mem.h>
#include <media/videobuf2-core.h>
#include <media/videobuf2-dma-contig.h>
#include "mtk_mdp_vpu.h"
#include "mtk_mdp_comp.h"
#define MTK_MDP_MODULE_NAME "mtk-mdp"
#define MTK_MDP_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT ((100*HZ)/1000) /* 100ms */
#define MTK_MDP_SRC_FMT BIT(1)
#define MTK_MDP_DST_FMT BIT(2)
* struct mtk_mdp_pix_align - alignment of image
* @org_w: source alignment of width
* @org_h: source alignment of height
* @target_w: dst alignment of width
* @target_h: dst alignment of height
struct mtk_mdp_pix_align {
u16 org_w;
u16 org_h;
u16 target_w;
u16 target_h;
* struct mtk_mdp_fmt - the driver's internal color format data
* @pixelformat: the fourcc code for this format, 0 if not applicable
* @num_planes: number of physically non-contiguous data planes
* @num_comp: number of logical data planes
* @depth: per plane driver's private 'number of bits per pixel'
* @row_depth: per plane driver's private 'number of bits per pixel per row'
* @flags: flags indicating which operation mode format applies to
* @align: pointer to a pixel alignment struct, NULL if using default value
struct mtk_mdp_fmt {
u32 pixelformat;
u16 num_planes;
u16 num_comp;
u8 row_depth[VIDEO_MAX_PLANES];
u32 flags;
struct mtk_mdp_pix_align *align;
* struct mtk_mdp_addr - the image processor physical address set
* @addr: address of planes
struct mtk_mdp_addr {
dma_addr_t addr[MTK_MDP_MAX_NUM_PLANE];
/* struct mtk_mdp_ctrls - the image processor control set
* @rotate: rotation degree
* @hflip: horizontal flip
* @vflip: vertical flip
* @global_alpha: the alpha value of current frame
struct mtk_mdp_ctrls {
struct v4l2_ctrl *rotate;
struct v4l2_ctrl *hflip;
struct v4l2_ctrl *vflip;
struct v4l2_ctrl *global_alpha;
* struct mtk_mdp_frame - source/target frame properties
* @crop: cropped(source)/scaled(destination) size
* @payload: image size in bytes (w x h x bpp)
* @pitch: bytes per line of image in memory
* @addr: image frame buffer physical addresses
* @fmt: color format pointer
* @alpha: frame's alpha value
struct mtk_mdp_frame {
u32 width;
u32 height;
struct v4l2_rect crop;
unsigned long payload[VIDEO_MAX_PLANES];
unsigned int pitch[VIDEO_MAX_PLANES];
struct mtk_mdp_addr addr;
const struct mtk_mdp_fmt *fmt;
u8 alpha;
* struct mtk_mdp_variant - image processor variant information
* @pix_max: maximum limit of image size
* @pix_min: minimum limit of image size
* @pix_align: alignment of image
* @h_scale_up_max: maximum scale-up in horizontal
* @v_scale_up_max: maximum scale-up in vertical
* @h_scale_down_max: maximum scale-down in horizontal
* @v_scale_down_max: maximum scale-down in vertical
struct mtk_mdp_variant {
struct mtk_mdp_pix_limit *pix_max;
struct mtk_mdp_pix_limit *pix_min;
struct mtk_mdp_pix_align *pix_align;
u16 h_scale_up_max;
u16 v_scale_up_max;
u16 h_scale_down_max;
u16 v_scale_down_max;
* struct mtk_mdp_dev - abstraction for image processor entity
* @lock: the mutex protecting this data structure
* @vpulock: the mutex protecting the communication with VPU
* @pdev: pointer to the image processor platform device
* @variant: the IP variant information
* @id: image processor device index (0..MTK_MDP_MAX_DEVS)
* @comp: MDP function components
* @m2m_dev: v4l2 memory-to-memory device data
* @ctx_list: list of struct mtk_mdp_ctx
* @vdev: video device for image processor driver
* @v4l2_dev: V4L2 device to register video devices for.
* @job_wq: processor work queue
* @vpu_dev: VPU platform device
* @ctx_num: counter of active MTK MDP context
* @id_counter: An integer id given to the next opened context
* @wdt_wq: work queue for VPU watchdog
* @wdt_work: worker for VPU watchdog
struct mtk_mdp_dev {
struct mutex lock;
struct mutex vpulock;
struct platform_device *pdev;
struct mtk_mdp_variant *variant;
u16 id;
struct mtk_mdp_comp *comp[MTK_MDP_COMP_ID_MAX];
struct v4l2_m2m_dev *m2m_dev;
struct list_head ctx_list;
struct video_device *vdev;
struct v4l2_device v4l2_dev;
struct workqueue_struct *job_wq;
struct platform_device *vpu_dev;
int ctx_num;
unsigned long id_counter;
struct workqueue_struct *wdt_wq;
struct work_struct wdt_work;
* mtk_mdp_ctx - the device context data
* @list: link to ctx_list of mtk_mdp_dev
* @s_frame: source frame properties
* @d_frame: destination frame properties
* @id: index of the context that this structure describes
* @flags: additional flags for image conversion
* @state: flags to keep track of user configuration
Protected by slock
* @rotation: rotates the image by specified angle
* @hflip: mirror the picture horizontally
* @vflip: mirror the picture vertically
* @mdp_dev: the image processor device this context applies to
* @m2m_ctx: memory-to-memory device context
* @fh: v4l2 file handle
* @ctrl_handler: v4l2 controls handler
* @ctrls image processor control set
* @ctrls_rdy: true if the control handler is initialized
* @colorspace: enum v4l2_colorspace; supplemental to pixelformat
* @ycbcr_enc: enum v4l2_ycbcr_encoding, Y'CbCr encoding
* @xfer_func: enum v4l2_xfer_func, colorspace transfer function
* @quant: enum v4l2_quantization, colorspace quantization
* @vpu: VPU instance
* @slock: the mutex protecting mtp_mdp_ctx.state
* @work: worker for image processing
struct mtk_mdp_ctx {
struct list_head list;
struct mtk_mdp_frame s_frame;
struct mtk_mdp_frame d_frame;
u32 flags;
u32 state;
int id;
int rotation;
u32 hflip:1;
u32 vflip:1;
struct mtk_mdp_dev *mdp_dev;
struct v4l2_m2m_ctx *m2m_ctx;
struct v4l2_fh fh;
struct v4l2_ctrl_handler ctrl_handler;
struct mtk_mdp_ctrls ctrls;
bool ctrls_rdy;
enum v4l2_colorspace colorspace;
enum v4l2_ycbcr_encoding ycbcr_enc;
enum v4l2_xfer_func xfer_func;
enum v4l2_quantization quant;
struct mtk_mdp_vpu vpu;
struct mutex slock;
struct work_struct work;
extern int mtk_mdp_dbg_level;
#if defined(DEBUG)
#define mtk_mdp_dbg(level, fmt, args...) \
do { \
if (mtk_mdp_dbg_level >= level) \
pr_info("[MTK_MDP] level=%d %s(),%d: " fmt "\n", \
level, __func__, __LINE__, ##args); \
} while (0)
#define mtk_mdp_err(fmt, args...) \
pr_err("[MTK_MDP][ERROR] %s:%d: " fmt "\n", __func__, __LINE__, \
#define mtk_mdp_dbg_enter() mtk_mdp_dbg(3, "+")
#define mtk_mdp_dbg_leave() mtk_mdp_dbg(3, "-")
#define mtk_mdp_dbg(level, fmt, args...) {}
#define mtk_mdp_err(fmt, args...)
#define mtk_mdp_dbg_enter()
#define mtk_mdp_dbg_leave()
#endif /* __MTK_MDP_CORE_H__ */