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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0+ */
* vsp1_pipe.h -- R-Car VSP1 Pipeline
* Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Renesas Electronics Corporation
* Contact: Laurent Pinchart (
#ifndef __VSP1_PIPE_H__
#define __VSP1_PIPE_H__
#include <linux/kref.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <media/media-entity.h>
struct vsp1_dl_list;
struct vsp1_rwpf;
* struct vsp1_format_info - VSP1 video format description
* @fourcc: V4L2 pixel format FCC identifier
* @mbus: media bus format code
* @hwfmt: VSP1 hardware format
* @swap: swap register control
* @planes: number of planes
* @bpp: bits per pixel
* @swap_yc: the Y and C components are swapped (Y comes before C)
* @swap_uv: the U and V components are swapped (V comes before U)
* @hsub: horizontal subsampling factor
* @vsub: vertical subsampling factor
* @alpha: has an alpha channel
struct vsp1_format_info {
u32 fourcc;
unsigned int mbus;
unsigned int hwfmt;
unsigned int swap;
unsigned int planes;
unsigned int bpp[3];
bool swap_yc;
bool swap_uv;
unsigned int hsub;
unsigned int vsub;
bool alpha;
enum vsp1_pipeline_state {
* struct vsp1_partition_window - Partition window coordinates
* @left: horizontal coordinate of the partition start in pixels relative to the
* left edge of the image
* @width: partition width in pixels
struct vsp1_partition_window {
unsigned int left;
unsigned int width;
* struct vsp1_partition - A description of a slice for the partition algorithm
* @rpf: The RPF partition window configuration
* @uds_sink: The UDS input partition window configuration
* @uds_source: The UDS output partition window configuration
* @sru: The SRU partition window configuration
* @wpf: The WPF partition window configuration
struct vsp1_partition {
struct vsp1_partition_window rpf;
struct vsp1_partition_window uds_sink;
struct vsp1_partition_window uds_source;
struct vsp1_partition_window sru;
struct vsp1_partition_window wpf;
* struct vsp1_pipeline - A VSP1 hardware pipeline
* @pipe: the media pipeline
* @irqlock: protects the pipeline state
* @state: current state
* @wq: wait queue to wait for state change completion
* @frame_end: frame end interrupt handler
* @lock: protects the pipeline use count and stream count
* @kref: pipeline reference count
* @stream_count: number of streaming video nodes
* @buffers_ready: bitmask of RPFs and WPFs with at least one buffer available
* @sequence: frame sequence number
* @num_inputs: number of RPFs
* @inputs: array of RPFs in the pipeline (indexed by RPF index)
* @output: WPF at the output of the pipeline
* @brx: BRx entity, if present
* @hgo: HGO entity, if present
* @hgt: HGT entity, if present
* @lif: LIF entity, if present
* @uds: UDS entity, if present
* @uds_input: entity at the input of the UDS, if the UDS is present
* @entities: list of entities in the pipeline
* @stream_config: cached stream configuration for video pipelines
* @configured: when false the @stream_config shall be written to the hardware
* @interlaced: True when the pipeline is configured in interlaced mode
* @partitions: The number of partitions used to process one frame
* @partition: The current partition for configuration to process
* @part_table: The pre-calculated partitions used by the pipeline
struct vsp1_pipeline {
struct media_pipeline pipe;
spinlock_t irqlock;
enum vsp1_pipeline_state state;
wait_queue_head_t wq;
void (*frame_end)(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe, unsigned int completion);
struct mutex lock;
struct kref kref;
unsigned int stream_count;
unsigned int buffers_ready;
unsigned int sequence;
unsigned int num_inputs;
struct vsp1_rwpf *inputs[VSP1_MAX_RPF];
struct vsp1_rwpf *output;
struct vsp1_entity *brx;
struct vsp1_entity *hgo;
struct vsp1_entity *hgt;
struct vsp1_entity *lif;
struct vsp1_entity *uds;
struct vsp1_entity *uds_input;
* The order of this list must be identical to the order of the entities
* in the pipeline, as it is assumed by the partition algorithm that we
* can walk this list in sequence.
struct list_head entities;
struct vsp1_dl_body *stream_config;
bool configured;
bool interlaced;
unsigned int partitions;
struct vsp1_partition *partition;
struct vsp1_partition *part_table;
void vsp1_pipeline_reset(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe);
void vsp1_pipeline_init(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe);
void vsp1_pipeline_run(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe);
bool vsp1_pipeline_stopped(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe);
int vsp1_pipeline_stop(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe);
bool vsp1_pipeline_ready(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe);
void vsp1_pipeline_frame_end(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe);
void vsp1_pipeline_propagate_alpha(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe,
struct vsp1_dl_body *dlb,
unsigned int alpha);
void vsp1_pipeline_propagate_partition(struct vsp1_pipeline *pipe,
struct vsp1_partition *partition,
unsigned int index,
struct vsp1_partition_window *window);
const struct vsp1_format_info *vsp1_get_format_info(struct vsp1_device *vsp1,
u32 fourcc);
#endif /* __VSP1_PIPE_H__ */