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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
tristate "Softing Gmbh CAN generic support"
depends on HAS_IOMEM
Support for CAN cards from Softing Gmbh & some cards
from Vector Gmbh.
Softing Gmbh CAN cards come with 1 or 2 physical busses.
Those cards typically use Dual Port RAM to communicate
with the host CPU. The interface is then identical for PCI
and PCMCIA cards. This driver operates on a platform device,
which has been created by softing_cs or softing_pci driver.
The API of the card does not allow fine control per bus, but
controls the 2 busses on the card together.
As such, some actions (start/stop/busoff recovery) on 1 bus
must bring down the other bus too temporarily.
tristate "Softing Gmbh CAN pcmcia cards"
depends on PCMCIA
depends on CAN_SOFTING
Support for PCMCIA cards from Softing Gmbh & some cards
from Vector Gmbh.
You need firmware for these, which you can get at
This version of the driver is written against
firmware version 4.6 (softing-fw-4.6-binaries.tar.gz)
In order to use the card as CAN device, you need the Softing generic
support too.