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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* Copyright (C) 2019 Pengutronix, Michael Tretter <>
* Convert NAL units between raw byte sequence payloads (RBSP) and C structs.
#ifndef __NAL_H264_H__
#define __NAL_H264_H__
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
* struct nal_h264_hdr_parameters - HDR parameters
* C struct representation of the sequence parameter set NAL unit as defined by
* Rec. ITU-T H.264 (04/2017) E.1.2 HRD parameters syntax.
struct nal_h264_hrd_parameters {
unsigned int cpb_cnt_minus1;
unsigned int bit_rate_scale;
unsigned int cpb_size_scale;
struct {
int bit_rate_value_minus1[16];
int cpb_size_value_minus1[16];
unsigned int cbr_flag[16];
unsigned int initial_cpb_removal_delay_length_minus1;
unsigned int cpb_removal_delay_length_minus1;
unsigned int dpb_output_delay_length_minus1;
unsigned int time_offset_length;
* struct nal_h264_vui_parameters - VUI parameters
* C struct representation of the VUI parameters as defined by Rec. ITU-T
* H.264 (04/2017) E.1.1 VUI parameters syntax.
struct nal_h264_vui_parameters {
unsigned int aspect_ratio_info_present_flag;
struct {
unsigned int aspect_ratio_idc;
unsigned int sar_width;
unsigned int sar_height;
unsigned int overscan_info_present_flag;
unsigned int overscan_appropriate_flag;
unsigned int video_signal_type_present_flag;
struct {
unsigned int video_format;
unsigned int video_full_range_flag;
unsigned int colour_description_present_flag;
struct {
unsigned int colour_primaries;
unsigned int transfer_characteristics;
unsigned int matrix_coefficients;
unsigned int chroma_loc_info_present_flag;
struct {
unsigned int chroma_sample_loc_type_top_field;
unsigned int chroma_sample_loc_type_bottom_field;
unsigned int timing_info_present_flag;
struct {
unsigned int num_units_in_tick;
unsigned int time_scale;
unsigned int fixed_frame_rate_flag;
unsigned int nal_hrd_parameters_present_flag;
struct nal_h264_hrd_parameters nal_hrd_parameters;
unsigned int vcl_hrd_parameters_present_flag;
struct nal_h264_hrd_parameters vcl_hrd_parameters;
unsigned int low_delay_hrd_flag;
unsigned int pic_struct_present_flag;
unsigned int bitstream_restriction_flag;
struct {
unsigned int motion_vectors_over_pic_boundaries_flag;
unsigned int max_bytes_per_pic_denom;
unsigned int max_bits_per_mb_denom;
unsigned int log2_max_mv_length_horizontal;
unsigned int log21_max_mv_length_vertical;
unsigned int max_num_reorder_frames;
unsigned int max_dec_frame_buffering;
* struct nal_h264_sps - Sequence parameter set
* C struct representation of the sequence parameter set NAL unit as defined by
* Rec. ITU-T H.264 (04/2017) Sequence parameter set data syntax.
struct nal_h264_sps {
unsigned int profile_idc;
unsigned int constraint_set0_flag;
unsigned int constraint_set1_flag;
unsigned int constraint_set2_flag;
unsigned int constraint_set3_flag;
unsigned int constraint_set4_flag;
unsigned int constraint_set5_flag;
unsigned int reserved_zero_2bits;
unsigned int level_idc;
unsigned int seq_parameter_set_id;
struct {
unsigned int chroma_format_idc;
unsigned int separate_colour_plane_flag;
unsigned int bit_depth_luma_minus8;
unsigned int bit_depth_chroma_minus8;
unsigned int qpprime_y_zero_transform_bypass_flag;
unsigned int seq_scaling_matrix_present_flag;
unsigned int log2_max_frame_num_minus4;
unsigned int pic_order_cnt_type;
union {
unsigned int log2_max_pic_order_cnt_lsb_minus4;
struct {
unsigned int delta_pic_order_always_zero_flag;
int offset_for_non_ref_pic;
int offset_for_top_to_bottom_field;
unsigned int num_ref_frames_in_pic_order_cnt_cycle;
int offset_for_ref_frame[255];
unsigned int max_num_ref_frames;
unsigned int gaps_in_frame_num_value_allowed_flag;
unsigned int pic_width_in_mbs_minus1;
unsigned int pic_height_in_map_units_minus1;
unsigned int frame_mbs_only_flag;
unsigned int mb_adaptive_frame_field_flag;
unsigned int direct_8x8_inference_flag;
unsigned int frame_cropping_flag;
struct {
unsigned int crop_left;
unsigned int crop_right;
unsigned int crop_top;
unsigned int crop_bottom;
unsigned int vui_parameters_present_flag;
struct nal_h264_vui_parameters vui;
* struct nal_h264_pps - Picture parameter set
* C struct representation of the picture parameter set NAL unit as defined by
* Rec. ITU-T H.264 (04/2017) Picture parameter set RBSP syntax.
struct nal_h264_pps {
unsigned int pic_parameter_set_id;
unsigned int seq_parameter_set_id;
unsigned int entropy_coding_mode_flag;
unsigned int bottom_field_pic_order_in_frame_present_flag;
unsigned int num_slice_groups_minus1;
unsigned int slice_group_map_type;
union {
unsigned int run_length_minus1[8];
struct {
unsigned int top_left[8];
unsigned int bottom_right[8];
struct {
unsigned int slice_group_change_direction_flag;
unsigned int slice_group_change_rate_minus1;
struct {
unsigned int pic_size_in_map_units_minus1;
unsigned int slice_group_id[8];
unsigned int num_ref_idx_l0_default_active_minus1;
unsigned int num_ref_idx_l1_default_active_minus1;
unsigned int weighted_pred_flag;
unsigned int weighted_bipred_idc;
int pic_init_qp_minus26;
int pic_init_qs_minus26;
int chroma_qp_index_offset;
unsigned int deblocking_filter_control_present_flag;
unsigned int constrained_intra_pred_flag;
unsigned int redundant_pic_cnt_present_flag;
struct {
unsigned int transform_8x8_mode_flag;
unsigned int pic_scaling_matrix_present_flag;
int second_chroma_qp_index_offset;
int nal_h264_profile_from_v4l2(enum v4l2_mpeg_video_h264_profile profile);
int nal_h264_level_from_v4l2(enum v4l2_mpeg_video_h264_level level);
ssize_t nal_h264_write_sps(const struct device *dev,
void *dest, size_t n, struct nal_h264_sps *sps);
ssize_t nal_h264_read_sps(const struct device *dev,
struct nal_h264_sps *sps, void *src, size_t n);
void nal_h264_print_sps(const struct device *dev, struct nal_h264_sps *sps);
ssize_t nal_h264_write_pps(const struct device *dev,
void *dest, size_t n, struct nal_h264_pps *pps);
ssize_t nal_h264_read_pps(const struct device *dev,
struct nal_h264_pps *pps, void *src, size_t n);
void nal_h264_print_pps(const struct device *dev, struct nal_h264_pps *pps);
ssize_t nal_h264_write_filler(const struct device *dev, void *dest, size_t n);
ssize_t nal_h264_read_filler(const struct device *dev, void *src, size_t n);
#endif /* __NAL_H264_H__ */