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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright (C) 2018 Intel Corporation */
#ifndef __IPU3_UTIL_H
#define __IPU3_UTIL_H
struct device;
struct imgu_device;
#define IPU3_CSS_POOL_SIZE 4
* imgu_css_map - store DMA mapping info for buffer
* @size: size of the buffer in bytes.
* @vaddr: kernel virtual address.
* @daddr: iova dma address to access IPU3.
* @vma: private, a pointer to &struct vm_struct,
* used for imgu_dmamap_free.
struct imgu_css_map {
size_t size;
void *vaddr;
dma_addr_t daddr;
struct vm_struct *vma;
* imgu_css_pool - circular buffer pool definition
* @entry: array with IPU3_CSS_POOL_SIZE elements.
* @entry.param: a &struct imgu_css_map for storing the mem mapping.
* @entry.valid: used to mark if the entry has valid data.
* @last: write pointer, initialized to IPU3_CSS_POOL_SIZE.
struct imgu_css_pool {
struct {
struct imgu_css_map param;
bool valid;
} entry[IPU3_CSS_POOL_SIZE];
u32 last;
int imgu_css_dma_buffer_resize(struct imgu_device *imgu,
struct imgu_css_map *map, size_t size);
void imgu_css_pool_cleanup(struct imgu_device *imgu,
struct imgu_css_pool *pool);
int imgu_css_pool_init(struct imgu_device *imgu, struct imgu_css_pool *pool,
size_t size);
void imgu_css_pool_get(struct imgu_css_pool *pool);
void imgu_css_pool_put(struct imgu_css_pool *pool);
const struct imgu_css_map *imgu_css_pool_last(struct imgu_css_pool *pool,
u32 last);