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This is a list of things that need to be done to get this driver out of the
staging directory.
- All structures defined in hif_api_*.h are intended to sent/received to/from
hardware. All their members whould be declared __le32 or __le16.
- Once previous item done, it will be possible to audit the driver with
`sparse'. It will probably find tons of problems with big endian
- hif_api_*.h whave been imported from firmware code. Some of the structures
are never used in driver.
- Driver try to maintains power save status of the stations. However, this
work is already done by mac80211. sta_asleep_mask and pspoll_mask should be
- wfx_tx_queues_get() should be reworked. It currently try compute itself the
QoS policy. However, firmware already do the job. Firmware would prefer to
have a few packets in each queue and be able to choose itself which queue to
- As suggested by Felix, rate control could be improved following this idea:
- When driver is about to loose BSS, it forge its own Null Func request (see
wfx_cqm_bssloss_sm()). It should use mechanism provided by mac80211.
- AP is actually is setup after a call to wfx_bss_info_changed(). Yet,
ieee80211_ops provide callback start_ap().
- The current process for joining a network is incredibly complex. Should be
- Monitoring mode is not implemented despite being mandatory by mac80211.
- "compatible" value are not correct. They should be "vendor,chip". See:
- The "state" field from wfx_vif should be replaced by "vif->type".
- It seems that wfx_upload_keys() is useless.
- "event_queue" from wfx_vif seems overkill. These event are rare and they
probably could be handled in a simpler fashion.
- Feature called "secure link" should be either developed (using kernel
crypto API) or dropped.
- In wfx_cmd_send(), "async" allow to send command without waiting the reply.
It may help in some situation, but it is not yet used. In add, it may cause
some trouble:
So, fix it (by replacing the mutex with a semaphore) or drop it.
- Chip support P2P, but driver does not implement it.
- Chip support kind of Mesh, but driver does not implement it.