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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (C) Intel 2011
* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* The PTI (Parallel Trace Interface) driver directs trace data routed from
* various parts in the system out through the Intel Penwell PTI port and
* out of the mobile device for analysis with a debugging tool
* (Lauterbach, Fido). This is part of a solution for the MIPI P1149.7,
* compact JTAG, standard.
* This header file will allow other parts of the OS to use the
* interface to write out it's contents for debugging a mobile system.
/* offset for last dword of any PTI message. Part of MIPI P1149.7 */
#define PTI_LASTDWORD_DTS 0x30
/* basic structure used as a write address to the PTI HW */
struct pti_masterchannel {
u8 master;
u8 channel;
/* the following functions are defined in misc/pti.c */
void pti_writedata(struct pti_masterchannel *mc, u8 *buf, int count);
struct pti_masterchannel *pti_request_masterchannel(u8 type,
const char *thread_name);
void pti_release_masterchannel(struct pti_masterchannel *mc);
#endif /* LINUX_INTEL_PTI_H_ */