Merge branch 'QorIQ-DPAA-ARM-RDBs-need-internal-delay-on-RGMII'

Madalin Bucur says:

QorIQ DPAA ARM RDBs need internal delay on RGMII

v2: used phy_interface_mode_is_rgmii() to identify RGMII

The QorIQ DPAA 1 based RDB boards require internal delay on
both Tx and Rx to be set. The patch set ensures all RGMII
modes are treated correctly by the FMan driver and sets the
phy-connection-type to "rgmii-id" to restore functionality.
Previously Rx internal delay was set by board pull-ups and
was left untouched by the PHY driver. Since commit
1b3047b5208a80 ("net: phy: realtek: add support for
configuring the RX delay on RTL8211F") the Realtek 8211F PHY
driver has control over the RGMII RX delay and it is
disabling it for other modes than RGMII_RXID and RGMII_ID.

Please note that u-boot in particular performs a fix-up of
the PHY connection type and will overwrite the values from
the Linux device tree. Another patch set was sent for u-boot
and one needs to apply that [1] to the boot loader, to ensure
this fix is complete, unless a different bootloader is used.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>