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* Kernel CAPI 2.0 Module
* Copyright 1999 by Carsten Paeth <>
* Copyright 2002 by Kai Germaschewski <>
* This software may be used and distributed according to the terms
* of the GNU General Public License, incorporated herein by reference.
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/isdn/capilli.h>
#define DBG(format, arg...) do { \
printk(KERN_DEBUG "%s: " format "\n" , __func__ , ## arg); \
} while (0)
#define DBG(format, arg...) /* */
enum {
extern struct capi_ctr *capi_controller[CAPI_MAXCONTR];
extern struct mutex capi_controller_lock;
extern struct capi20_appl *capi_applications[CAPI_MAXAPPL];
void kcapi_proc_init(void);
void kcapi_proc_exit(void);
struct capi20_appl {
u16 applid;
capi_register_params rparam;
void (*recv_message)(struct capi20_appl *ap, struct sk_buff *skb);
void *private;
/* internal to kernelcapi.o */
unsigned long nrecvctlpkt;
unsigned long nrecvdatapkt;
unsigned long nsentctlpkt;
unsigned long nsentdatapkt;
struct mutex recv_mtx;
struct sk_buff_head recv_queue;
struct work_struct recv_work;
int release_in_progress;
u16 capi20_isinstalled(void);
u16 capi20_register(struct capi20_appl *ap);
u16 capi20_release(struct capi20_appl *ap);
u16 capi20_put_message(struct capi20_appl *ap, struct sk_buff *skb);
u16 capi20_get_manufacturer(u32 contr, u8 buf[CAPI_MANUFACTURER_LEN]);
u16 capi20_get_version(u32 contr, struct capi_version *verp);
u16 capi20_get_serial(u32 contr, u8 serial[CAPI_SERIAL_LEN]);
u16 capi20_get_profile(u32 contr, struct capi_profile *profp);
int capi20_manufacturer(unsigned long cmd, void __user *data);
#define CAPICTR_UP 0
#define CAPICTR_DOWN 1
int kcapi_init(void);
void kcapi_exit(void);
/*----- basic-type definitions -----*/
typedef __u8 *_cstruct;
typedef enum {
} _cmstruct;
The _cmsg structure contains all possible CAPI 2.0 parameter.
All parameters are stored here first. The function CAPI_CMSG_2_MESSAGE
assembles the parameter and builds CAPI2.0 conform messages.
CAPI_MESSAGE_2_CMSG disassembles CAPI 2.0 messages and stores the
parameter in the _cmsg structure
typedef struct {
/* Header */
__u16 ApplId;
__u8 Command;
__u8 Subcommand;
__u16 Messagenumber;
/* Parameter */
union {
__u32 adrController;
__u32 adrPLCI;
__u32 adrNCCI;
} adr;
_cmstruct AdditionalInfo;
_cstruct B1configuration;
__u16 B1protocol;
_cstruct B2configuration;
__u16 B2protocol;
_cstruct B3configuration;
__u16 B3protocol;
_cstruct BC;
_cstruct BChannelinformation;
_cmstruct BProtocol;
_cstruct CalledPartyNumber;
_cstruct CalledPartySubaddress;
_cstruct CallingPartyNumber;
_cstruct CallingPartySubaddress;
__u32 CIPmask;
__u32 CIPmask2;
__u16 CIPValue;
__u32 Class;
_cstruct ConnectedNumber;
_cstruct ConnectedSubaddress;
__u32 Data;
__u16 DataHandle;
__u16 DataLength;
_cstruct FacilityConfirmationParameter;
_cstruct Facilitydataarray;
_cstruct FacilityIndicationParameter;
_cstruct FacilityRequestParameter;
__u16 FacilitySelector;
__u16 Flags;
__u32 Function;
_cstruct HLC;
__u16 Info;
_cstruct InfoElement;
__u32 InfoMask;
__u16 InfoNumber;
_cstruct Keypadfacility;
_cstruct LLC;
_cstruct ManuData;
__u32 ManuID;
_cstruct NCPI;
__u16 Reason;
__u16 Reason_B3;
__u16 Reject;
_cstruct Useruserdata;
/* intern */
unsigned l, p;
unsigned char *par;
__u8 *m;
/* buffer to construct message */
__u8 buf[180];
} _cmsg;
* Debugging / Tracing functions
char *capi_cmd2str(__u8 cmd, __u8 subcmd);
typedef struct {
u_char *buf;
u_char *p;
size_t size;
size_t pos;
} _cdebbuf;
#define CDEBUG_SIZE 1024
#define CDEBUG_GSIZE 4096
void cdebbuf_free(_cdebbuf *cdb);
int cdebug_init(void);
void cdebug_exit(void);
_cdebbuf *capi_message2str(__u8 *msg);