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Qualcomm SuperSpeed DWC3 USB SoC controller
Required properties:
- compatible: Compatible list, contains
"qcom,msm8996-dwc3" for msm8996 SOC.
"qcom,msm8998-dwc3" for msm8998 SOC.
"qcom,sdm845-dwc3" for sdm845 SOC.
- reg: Offset and length of register set for QSCRATCH wrapper
- power-domains: specifies a phandle to PM domain provider node
- clocks: A list of phandle + clock-specifier pairs for the
clocks listed in clock-names
- clock-names: Should contain the following:
"core" Master/Core clock, have to be >= 125 MHz for SS
operation and >= 60MHz for HS operation
"mock_utmi" Mock utmi clock needed for ITP/SOF generation in
host mode. Its frequency should be 19.2MHz.
"sleep" Sleep clock, used for wakeup when USB3 core goes
into low power mode (U3).
Optional clocks:
"iface" System bus AXI clock.
Not present on "qcom,msm8996-dwc3" compatible.
"cfg_noc" System Config NOC clock.
Not present on "qcom,msm8996-dwc3" compatible.
- assigned-clocks: Should be:
- assigned-clock-rates: Should be:
19.2Mhz (192000000) for MOCK_UTMI_CLK
>=125Mhz (125000000) for MASTER_CLK in SS mode
>=60Mhz (60000000) for MASTER_CLK in HS mode
Optional properties:
- resets: Phandle to reset control that resets core and wrapper.
- interrupts: specifies interrupts from controller wrapper used
to wakeup from low power/susepnd state. Must contain
one or more entry for interrupt-names property
- interrupt-names: Must include the following entries:
- "hs_phy_irq": The interrupt that is asserted when a
wakeup event is received on USB2 bus
- "ss_phy_irq": The interrupt that is asserted when a
wakeup event is received on USB3 bus
- "dm_hs_phy_irq" and "dp_hs_phy_irq": Separate
interrupts for any wakeup event on DM and DP lines
- qcom,select-utmi-as-pipe-clk: if present, disable USB3 pipe_clk requirement.
Used when dwc3 operates without SSPHY and only
HS/FS/LS modes are supported.
Required child node:
A child node must exist to represent the core DWC3 IP block. The name of
the node is not important. The content of the node is defined in dwc3.txt.
Phy documentation is provided in the following places:
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/phy/qcom-qmp-phy.txt - USB3 QMP PHY
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/phy/qcom-qusb2-phy.txt - USB2 QUSB2 PHY
Example device nodes:
hs_phy: phy@100f8800 {
compatible = "qcom,qusb2-v2-phy";
ss_phy: phy@100f8830 {
compatible = "qcom,qmp-v3-usb3-phy";
usb3_0: usb30@a6f8800 {
compatible = "qcom,dwc3";
reg = <0xa6f8800 0x400>;
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <1>;
interrupts = <0 131 0>, <0 486 0>, <0 488 0>, <0 489 0>;
interrupt-names = "hs_phy_irq", "ss_phy_irq",
"dm_hs_phy_irq", "dp_hs_phy_irq";
clocks = <&gcc GCC_USB30_PRIM_MASTER_CLK>,
clock-names = "core", "mock_utmi", "sleep";
assigned-clocks = <&gcc GCC_USB30_PRIM_MOCK_UTMI_CLK>,
assigned-clock-rates = <19200000>, <133000000>;
resets = <&gcc GCC_USB30_PRIM_BCR>;
reset-names = "core_reset";
power-domains = <&gcc USB30_PRIM_GDSC>;
dwc3@10000000 {
compatible = "snps,dwc3";
reg = <0x10000000 0xcd00>;
interrupts = <0 205 0x4>;
phys = <&hs_phy>, <&ss_phy>;
phy-names = "usb2-phy", "usb3-phy";
dr_mode = "host";