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USB GPIO Based Connection Detection
This is typically used to switch dual role mode from the USB ID pin connected
to an input GPIO, and also used to enable/disable device mode from the USB
Vbus pin connected to an input GPIO.
Required properties:
- compatible : should include "gpio-usb-b-connector" and "usb-b-connector".
- id-gpios, vbus-gpios : input gpios, either one of them must be present,
and both can be present as well.
see connector/usb-connector.txt
Optional properties:
- vbus-supply : can be present if needed when supports dual role mode.
see connector/usb-connector.txt
- Sub-nodes:
- port : can be present.
see graph.txt
&mtu3 {
connector {
compatible = "gpio-usb-b-connector", "usb-b-connector";
type = "micro";
id-gpios = <&pio 12 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
vbus-supply = <&usb_p0_vbus>;