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USB xHCI controllers
Required properties:
- compatible: should be one or more of
- "generic-xhci" for generic XHCI device
- "marvell,armada3700-xhci" for Armada 37xx SoCs
- "marvell,armada-375-xhci" for Armada 375 SoCs
- "marvell,armada-380-xhci" for Armada 38x SoCs
- "renesas,xhci-r8a7743" for r8a7743 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a7744" for r8a7744 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a774a1" for r8a774a1 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a774b1" for r8a774b1 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a774c0" for r8a774c0 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a7790" for r8a7790 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a7791" for r8a7791 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a7793" for r8a7793 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a7795" for r8a7795 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a7796" for r8a7796 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a77965" for r8a77965 SoC
- "renesas,xhci-r8a77990" for r8a77990 SoC
- "renesas,rcar-gen2-xhci" for a generic R-Car Gen2 or RZ/G1 compatible
- "renesas,rcar-gen3-xhci" for a generic R-Car Gen3 or RZ/G2 compatible
- "xhci-platform" (deprecated)
When compatible with the generic version, nodes must list the
SoC-specific version corresponding to the platform first
followed by the generic version.
- reg: should contain address and length of the standard XHCI
register set for the device.
- interrupts: one XHCI interrupt should be described here.
Optional properties:
- clocks: reference to the clocks
- clock-names: mandatory if there is a second clock, in this case
the name must be "core" for the first clock and "reg" for the
second one
- usb2-lpm-disable: indicate if we don't want to enable USB2 HW LPM
- usb3-lpm-capable: determines if platform is USB3 LPM capable
- quirk-broken-port-ped: set if the controller has broken port disable mechanism
- imod-interval-ns: default interrupt moderation interval is 5000ns
- phys : see usb-hcd.yaml in the current directory
additionally the properties from usb-hcd.yaml (in the current directory) are
usb@f0931000 {
compatible = "generic-xhci";
reg = <0xf0931000 0x8c8>;
interrupts = <0x0 0x4e 0x0>;