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* Atmel SAMA5D4 Watchdog Timer (WDT) Controller
Required properties:
- compatible: "atmel,sama5d4-wdt" or "microchip,sam9x60-wdt"
- reg: base physical address and length of memory mapped region.
Optional properties:
- timeout-sec: watchdog timeout value (in seconds).
- interrupts: interrupt number to the CPU.
- atmel,watchdog-type: should be "hardware" or "software".
"hardware": enable watchdog fault reset. A watchdog fault triggers
watchdog reset.
"software": enable watchdog fault interrupt. A watchdog fault asserts
watchdog interrupt.
- atmel,idle-halt: present if you want to stop the watchdog when the CPU is
in idle state.
CAUTION: This property should be used with care, it actually makes the
watchdog not counting when the CPU is in idle state, therefore the
watchdog reset time depends on mean CPU usage and will not reset at all
if the CPU stop working while it is in idle state, which is probably
not what you want.
- atmel,dbg-halt: present if you want to stop the watchdog when the CPU is
in debug state.
watchdog@fc068640 {
compatible = "atmel,sama5d4-wdt";
reg = <0xfc068640 0x10>;
interrupts = <4 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_HIGH 5>;
timeout-sec = <10>;
atmel,watchdog-type = "hardware";