Merge tag 'x86_asm_for_v5.10' of git://

Pull x86 asm updates from Borislav Petkov:
 "Two asm wrapper fixes:

   - Use XORL instead of XORQ to avoid a REX prefix and save some bytes
     in the .fixup section, by Uros Bizjak.

   - Replace __force_order dummy variable with a memory clobber to fix
     LLVM requiring a definition for former and to prevent memory
     accesses from still being cached/reordered, by Arvind Sankar"

* tag 'x86_asm_for_v5.10' of git://
  x86/asm: Replace __force_order with a memory clobber
  x86/uaccess: Use XORL %0,%0 in __get_user_asm()