Merge branch 'compat.mount' of git://

Pull compat mount cleanups from Al Viro:
 "The last remnants of mount(2) compat buried by Christoph.

  Buried into NFS, that is.

  Generally I'm less enthusiastic about "let's use in_compat_syscall()
  deep in call chain" kind of approach than Christoph seems to be, but
  in this case it's warranted - that had been an NFS-specific wart,
  hopefully not to be repeated in any other filesystems (read: any new
  filesystem introducing non-text mount options will get NAKed even if
  it doesn't mess the layout up).

  IOW, not worth trying to grow an infrastructure that would avoid that
  use of in_compat_syscall()..."

* 'compat.mount' of git://
  fs: remove compat_sys_mount
  fs,nfs: lift compat nfs4 mount data handling into the nfs code
  nfs: simplify nfs4_parse_monolithic