Merge tag 'fscrypt-for-linus' of git://

Pull fscrypt updates from Eric Biggers:
 "This release, we rework the implementation of creating new encrypted
  files in order to fix some deadlocks and prepare for adding fscrypt
  support to CephFS, which Jeff Layton is working on.

  We also export a symbol in preparation for the above-mentioned CephFS
  support and also for ext4/f2fs encrypt+casefold support.

  Finally, there are a few other small cleanups.

  As usual, all these patches have been in linux-next with no reported
  issues, and I've tested them with xfstests"

* tag 'fscrypt-for-linus' of git://
  fscrypt: export fscrypt_d_revalidate()
  fscrypt: don't call no-key names "ciphertext names"
  fscrypt: use sha256() instead of open coding
  fscrypt: make fscrypt_set_test_dummy_encryption() take a 'const char *'
  fscrypt: handle test_dummy_encryption in more logical way
  fscrypt: move fscrypt_prepare_symlink() out-of-line
  fscrypt: make "#define fscrypt_policy" user-only
  fscrypt: stop pretending that key setup is nofs-safe
  fscrypt: require that fscrypt_encrypt_symlink() already has key
  fscrypt: remove fscrypt_inherit_context()
  fscrypt: adjust logging for in-creation inodes
  ubifs: use fscrypt_prepare_new_inode() and fscrypt_set_context()
  f2fs: use fscrypt_prepare_new_inode() and fscrypt_set_context()
  ext4: use fscrypt_prepare_new_inode() and fscrypt_set_context()
  ext4: factor out ext4_xattr_credits_for_new_inode()
  fscrypt: add fscrypt_prepare_new_inode() and fscrypt_set_context()
  fscrypt: restrict IV_INO_LBLK_32 to ino_bits <= 32
  fscrypt: drop unused inode argument from fscrypt_fname_alloc_buffer