Merge tag 'selinux-pr-20201012' of git://

Pull selinux updates from Paul Moore:
 "A decent number of SELinux patches for v5.10, twenty two in total. The
  highlights are listed below, but all of the patches pass our test
  suite and merge cleanly.

   - A number of changes to how the SELinux policy is loaded and managed
     inside the kernel with the goal of improving the atomicity of a
     SELinux policy load operation.

     These changes account for the bulk of the diffstat as well as the
     patch count. A special thanks to everyone who contributed patches
     and fixes for this work.

   - Convert the SELinux policy read-write lock to RCU.

   - A tracepoint was added for audited SELinux access control events;
     this should help provide a more unified backtrace across kernel and

   - Allow the removal of security.selinux xattrs when a SELinux policy
     is not loaded.

   - Enable policy capabilities in SELinux policies created with the
     scripts/selinux/mdp tool.

   - Provide some "no sooner than" dates for the SELinux checkreqprot
     sysfs deprecation"

* tag 'selinux-pr-20201012' of git:// (22 commits)
  selinux: provide a "no sooner than" date for the checkreqprot removal
  selinux: Add helper functions to get and set checkreqprot
  selinux: access policycaps with READ_ONCE/WRITE_ONCE
  selinux: simplify away security_policydb_len()
  selinux: move policy mutex to selinux_state, use in lockdep checks
  selinux: fix error handling bugs in security_load_policy()
  selinux: convert policy read-write lock to RCU
  selinux: delete repeated words in comments
  selinux: add basic filtering for audit trace events
  selinux: add tracepoint on audited events
  selinux: Create new booleans and class dirs out of tree
  selinux: Standardize string literal usage for selinuxfs directory names
  selinux: Refactor selinuxfs directory populating functions
  selinux: Create function for selinuxfs directory cleanup
  selinux: permit removing security.selinux xattr before policy load
  selinux: fix memdup.cocci warnings
  selinux: avoid dereferencing the policy prior to initialization
  selinux: fix allocation failure check on newpolicy->sidtab
  selinux: refactor changing booleans
  selinux: move policy commit after updating selinuxfs