Merge tag 'drivers-5.10-2020-10-12' of git://

Pull block driver updates from Jens Axboe:
 "Here are the driver updates for 5.10.

  A few SCSI updates in here too, in coordination with Martin as they
  depend on core block changes for the shared tag bitmap.

  This contains:

   - NVMe pull requests via Christoph:
      - fix keep alive timer modification (Amit Engel)
      - order the PCI ID list more sensibly (Andy Shevchenko)
      - cleanup the open by controller helper (Chaitanya Kulkarni)
      - use an xarray for the CSE log lookup (Chaitanya Kulkarni)
      - support ZNS in nvmet passthrough mode (Chaitanya Kulkarni)
      - fix nvme_ns_report_zones (Christoph Hellwig)
      - add a sanity check to nvmet-fc (James Smart)
      - fix interrupt allocation when too many polled queues are
        specified (Jeffle Xu)
      - small nvmet-tcp optimization (Mark Wunderlich)
      - fix a controller refcount leak on init failure (Chaitanya
      - misc cleanups (Chaitanya Kulkarni)
      - major refactoring of the scanning code (Christoph Hellwig)

   - MD updates via Song:
      - Bug fixes in bitmap code, from Zhao Heming
      - Fix a work queue check, from Guoqing Jiang
      - Fix raid5 oops with reshape, from Song Liu
      - Clean up unused code, from Jason Yan
      - Discard improvements, from Xiao Ni
      - raid5/6 page offset support, from Yufen Yu

   - Shared tag bitmap for SCSI/hisi_sas/null_blk (John, Kashyap,

   - null_blk open/active zone limit support (Niklas)

   - Set of bcache updates (Coly, Dongsheng, Qinglang)"

* tag 'drivers-5.10-2020-10-12' of git:// (78 commits)
  md/raid5: fix oops during stripe resizing
  md/bitmap: fix memory leak of temporary bitmap
  md: fix the checking of wrong work queue
  md/bitmap: md_bitmap_get_counter returns wrong blocks
  md/bitmap: md_bitmap_read_sb uses wrong bitmap blocks
  md/raid0: remove unused function is_io_in_chunk_boundary()
  nvme-core: remove extra condition for vwc
  nvme-core: remove extra variable
  nvme: remove nvme_identify_ns_list
  nvme: refactor nvme_validate_ns
  nvme: move nvme_validate_ns
  nvme: query namespace identifiers before adding the namespace
  nvme: revalidate zone bitmaps in nvme_update_ns_info
  nvme: remove nvme_update_formats
  nvme: update the known admin effects
  nvme: set the queue limits in nvme_update_ns_info
  nvme: remove the 0 lba_shift check in nvme_update_ns_info
  nvme: clean up the check for too large logic block sizes
  nvme: freeze the queue over ->lba_shift updates
  nvme: factor out a nvme_configure_metadata helper