Merge tag 'irqchip-5.10' of git:// into irq/core

Pull irqchip updates from Marc Zyngier:

 Core changes:

  - Allow irq retriggering to follow a hierarchy
  - Allow interrupt hierarchies to be trimmed at allocation time
  - Allow interrupts to be hidden from /proc/interrupts (IPIs)
  - Introduce stub for set_handle_irq() when !GENERIC_IRQ_MULTI_HANDLER
  - New per-cpu IPI handling flow

 Architecture changes:
  - Move arm/arm64 IPI handling to the core interrupt code, removing
    the home brewed accounting

 Driver updates:
 - New driver for the MStar (and more recently Mediatek) platforms
 - New driver for the Actions Owl SIRQ controller
 - New driver for the TI PRUSS infrastructure
 - Wake-up support for the Qualcomm PDC controller
 - Primary interrupt controller support for the Designware APB ICTL
 - Convert the IPI code for GIC, GICv3, hip04, armada-270-xp and bcm2836
   to using standard interrupts
 - Improve GICv3 pseudo-NMI support to deal with both non-secure and secure
   priorities on arm64
 - Convert the GIC/GICv3 drivers to using HW-based irq retrigger
 - A sprinkling of dev_err_probe() conversion
 - A set of NVIDIA Tegra fixes for interrupt hierarchy corruption
 - A reset fix for the Loongson HTVEC driver
 - A couple of error handling fixes in the TI SCI drivers