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#!/usr/bin/awk -f
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
# Before running this script please ensure that your PATH is
# typical as you use for compilation/installation. I use
# /bin /sbin /usr/bin /usr/sbin /usr/local/bin, but it may
# differ on your system.
usage = "If some fields are empty or look unusual you may have an old version.\n"
usage = usage "Compare to the current minimal requirements in Documentation/Changes.\n"
print usage
system("uname -a")
vernum = "[0-9]+([.]?[0-9]+)+"
libc = "libc[.]so[.][0-9]+$"
libcpp = "(libg|stdc)[+]+[.]so[.][0-9]+$"
printversion("GNU C", version("gcc -dumpversion"))
printversion("GNU Make", version("make --version"))
printversion("Binutils", version("ld -v"))
printversion("Util-linux", version("mount --version"))
printversion("Mount", version("mount --version"))
printversion("Module-init-tools", version("depmod -V"))
printversion("E2fsprogs", version("tune2fs"))
printversion("Jfsutils", version("fsck.jfs -V"))
printversion("Reiserfsprogs", version("reiserfsck -V"))
printversion("Reiser4fsprogs", version("fsck.reiser4 -V"))
printversion("Xfsprogs", version("xfs_db -V"))
printversion("Pcmciautils", version("pccardctl -V"))
printversion("Pcmcia-cs", version("cardmgr -V"))
printversion("Quota-tools", version("quota -V"))
printversion("PPP", version("pppd --version"))
printversion("Isdn4k-utils", version("isdnctrl"))
printversion("Nfs-utils", version("showmount --version"))
printversion("Bison", version("bison --version"))
printversion("Flex", version("flex --version"))
while ("ldconfig -p 2>/dev/null" | getline > 0) {
if ($NF ~ libc && !seen[ver = version("readlink " $NF)]++)
printversion("Linux C Library", ver)
else if ($NF ~ libcpp && !seen[ver = version("readlink " $NF)]++)
printversion("Linux C++ Library", ver)
printversion("Dynamic linker (ldd)", version("ldd --version"))
printversion("Procps", version("ps --version"))
printversion("Net-tools", version("ifconfig --version"))
printversion("Kbd", version("loadkeys -V"))
printversion("Console-tools", version("loadkeys -V"))
printversion("Oprofile", version("oprofiled --version"))
printversion("Sh-utils", version("expr --v"))
printversion("Udev", version("udevadm --version"))
printversion("Wireless-tools", version("iwconfig --version"))
while ("sort /proc/modules" | getline > 0) {
mods = mods sep $1
sep = " "
printversion("Modules Loaded", mods)
function version(cmd, ver) {
cmd = cmd " 2>&1"
while (cmd | getline > 0) {
if (match($0, vernum)) {
ver = substr($0, RSTART, RLENGTH)
return ver
function printversion(name, value, ofmt) {
if (value != "") {
ofmt = "%-20s\t%s\n"
printf(ofmt, name, value)