Merge tag 'x86_misc_for_v5.10' of git://

Pull misc x86 fixes fromm Borislav Petkov:

 - Ratelimit the message about writes to unrecognized MSRs so that they
   don't spam the console log (Chris Down)

 - Document how the /proc/cpuinfo machinery works for future reference
   (Kyung Min Park, Ricardo Neri and Dave Hansen)

 - Correct the current NMI's duration calculation (Libing Zhou)

* tag 'x86_misc_for_v5.10' of git://
  x86/nmi: Fix nmi_handle() duration miscalculation
  Documentation/x86: Add documentation for /proc/cpuinfo feature flags
  x86/msr: Make source of unrecognised MSR writes unambiguous
  x86/msr: Prevent userspace MSR access from dominating the console