Merge tag 'x86_pasid_for_5.10' of git://

Pull x86 PASID updates from Borislav Petkov:
 "Initial support for sharing virtual addresses between the CPU and
  devices which doesn't need pinning of pages for DMA anymore.

  Add support for the command submission to devices using new x86
  instructions like ENQCMD{,S} and MOVDIR64B. In addition, add support
  for process address space identifiers (PASIDs) which are referenced by
  those command submission instructions along with the handling of the
  PASID state on context switch as another extended state.

  Work by Fenghua Yu, Ashok Raj, Yu-cheng Yu and Dave Jiang"

* tag 'x86_pasid_for_5.10' of git://
  x86/asm: Add an enqcmds() wrapper for the ENQCMDS instruction
  x86/asm: Carve out a generic movdir64b() helper for general usage
  x86/mmu: Allocate/free a PASID
  x86/cpufeatures: Mark ENQCMD as disabled when configured out
  mm: Add a pasid member to struct mm_struct
  x86/msr-index: Define an IA32_PASID MSR
  x86/fpu/xstate: Add supervisor PASID state for ENQCMD
  x86/cpufeatures: Enumerate ENQCMD and ENQCMDS instructions
  Documentation/x86: Add documentation for SVA (Shared Virtual Addressing)
  iommu/vt-d: Change flags type to unsigned int in binding mm
  drm, iommu: Change type of pasid to u32