Merge tag 'x86-kaslr-2020-10-12' of git://

Pull x86 kaslr updates from Ingo Molnar:
 "This cleans up and simplifies the x86 KASLR code, and also fixes some
  corner case bugs"

* tag 'x86-kaslr-2020-10-12' of git:// (22 commits)
  x86/kaslr: Replace strlen() with strnlen()
  x86/kaslr: Add a check that the random address is in range
  x86/kaslr: Make local variables 64-bit
  x86/kaslr: Replace 'unsigned long long' with 'u64'
  x86/kaslr: Make minimum/image_size 'unsigned long'
  x86/kaslr: Small cleanup of find_random_phys_addr()
  x86/kaslr: Drop unnecessary alignment in find_random_virt_addr()
  x86/kaslr: Drop redundant check in store_slot_info()
  x86/kaslr: Make the type of number of slots/slot areas consistent
  x86/kaslr: Drop test for command-line parameters before parsing
  x86/kaslr: Simplify process_gb_huge_pages()
  x86/kaslr: Short-circuit gb_huge_pages on x86-32
  x86/kaslr: Fix off-by-one error in process_gb_huge_pages()
  x86/kaslr: Drop some redundant checks from __process_mem_region()
  x86/kaslr: Drop redundant variable in __process_mem_region()
  x86/kaslr: Eliminate 'start_orig' local variable from __process_mem_region()
  x86/kaslr: Drop redundant cur_entry from __process_mem_region()
  x86/kaslr: Fix off-by-one error in __process_mem_region()
  x86/kaslr: Initialize mem_limit to the real maximum address
  x86/kaslr: Fix process_efi_entries comment