Merge tag 'hwmon-for-v5.10' of git://

Pull hwmon updates from Guenter Roeck:
 "New driver and chip support:
   - Moortec MR75203 PVT controller
   - MPS Multi-phase mp2975 controller
   - ADM1266
   - Zen3 CPUs
   - Intel MAX 10 BMC

   - Support for rated attributes in hwmon core
   - MAX20730:
      - Device monitoring via debugfs
      - VOUT readin adjustment vie devicetree bindings
   - LM75:
      - Devicetree support
      - Regulator support
   - Improved accumulationm logic in amd_energy driver
   - Added fan sensor to gsc-hwmon driver
   - Support for simplified I2C probing

  Various other minor fixes and improvements"

* tag 'hwmon-for-v5.10' of git:// (64 commits)
  hwmon: (pmbus/max20730) adjust the vout reading given voltage divider
  dt-bindings: hwmon: max20730: adding device tree doc for max20730
  hwmon: Add hardware monitoring driver for Moortec MR75203 PVT controller
  hwmon: Add DT bindings schema for PVT controller
  dt-bindings: hwmon: Add the +vs supply to the lm75 bindings
  dt-bindings: hwmon: Convert lm75 bindings to yaml
  docs: hwmon: (ltc2945) update datasheet link
  hwmon: (mlxreg-fan) Fix double "Mellanox"
  hwmon: (pmbus/max20730) add device monitoring via debugfs
  hwmon: (pmbus/max34440) Fix OC fault limits
  hwmon: (bt1-pvt) Wait for the completion with timeout
  hwmon: (bt1-pvt) Cache current update timeout
  hwmon: (bt1-pvt) Test sensor power supply on probe
  hwmon: (lm75) Add regulator support
  hwmon: Add hwmon driver for Intel MAX 10 BMC
  dt-bindings: Add MP2975 voltage regulator device
  hwmon: (pmbus) Add support for MPS Multi-phase mp2975 controller
  hwmon: (tmp513) fix spelling typo in comments
  hwmon: (amd_energy) Update driver documentation
  hwmon: (amd_energy) Improve the accumulation logic