Merge tag 'x86-irq-2020-10-12' of git://

Pull x86 irq updates from Thomas Gleixner:
 "Surgery of the MSI interrupt handling to prepare the support of
  upcoming devices which require non-PCI based MSI handling:

   - Cleanup historical leftovers all over the place

   - Rework the code to utilize more core functionality

   - Wrap XEN PCI/MSI interrupts into an irqdomain to make irqdomain
     assignment to PCI devices possible.

   - Assign irqdomains to PCI devices at initialization time which
     allows to utilize the full functionality of hierarchical

   - Remove arch_.*_msi_irq() functions from X86 and utilize the
     irqdomain which is assigned to the device for interrupt management.

   - Make the arch_.*_msi_irq() support conditional on a config switch
     and let the last few users select it"

* tag 'x86-irq-2020-10-12' of git:// (40 commits)
  PCI: MSI: Fix Kconfig dependencies for PCI_MSI_ARCH_FALLBACKS
  x86/apic/msi: Unbreak DMAR and HPET MSI
  iommu/amd: Remove domain search for PCI/MSI
  iommu/vt-d: Remove domain search for PCI/MSI[X]
  x86/irq: Make most MSI ops XEN private
  x86/irq: Cleanup the arch_*_msi_irqs() leftovers
  PCI/MSI: Make arch_.*_msi_irq[s] fallbacks selectable
  x86/pci: Set default irq domain in pcibios_add_device()
  iommm/amd: Store irq domain in struct device
  iommm/vt-d: Store irq domain in struct device
  x86/xen: Wrap XEN MSI management into irqdomain
  irqdomain/msi: Allow to override msi_domain_alloc/free_irqs()
  x86/xen: Consolidate XEN-MSI init
  x86/xen: Rework MSI teardown
  x86/xen: Make xen_msi_init() static and rename it to xen_hvm_msi_init()
  PCI/MSI: Provide pci_dev_has_special_msi_domain() helper
  irqdomain/msi: Provide DOMAIN_BUS_VMD_MSI
  x86/irq: Initialize PCI/MSI domain at PCI init time
  x86/pci: Reducde #ifdeffery in PCI init code