Merge tag 'erofs-for-5.10-rc1' of git://

Pull erofs updates from Gao Xiang:
 "This cycle addresses a reported permission issue with overlay due to a
  duplicated permission check for "trusted." xattrs. Also, a REQ_RAHEAD
  flag is added now to all readahead requests in order to trace
  readahead I/Os. The others are random cleanups.

  All commits have been tested and have been in linux-next as well.


   - fix an issue which can cause overlay permission problem due to
     duplicated permission check for "trusted." xattrs;

   - add REQ_RAHEAD flag to readahead requests for blktrace;

   - several random cleanup"

* tag 'erofs-for-5.10-rc1' of git://
  erofs: remove unnecessary enum entries
  erofs: add REQ_RAHEAD flag to readahead requests
  erofs: fold in should_decompress_synchronously()
  erofs: avoid unnecessary variable `err'
  erofs: remove unneeded parameter
  erofs: avoid duplicated permission check for "trusted." xattrs