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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __BEN_VLAN_802_1Q_INC__
#define __BEN_VLAN_802_1Q_INC__
#include <linux/if_vlan.h>
#include <linux/u64_stats_sync.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
/* if this changes, algorithm will have to be reworked because this
* depends on completely exhausting the VLAN identifier space. Thus
* it gives constant time look-up, but in many cases it wastes memory.
enum vlan_protos {
VLAN_PROTO_8021Q = 0,
struct vlan_group {
unsigned int nr_vlan_devs;
struct hlist_node hlist; /* linked list */
struct net_device **vlan_devices_arrays[VLAN_PROTO_NUM]
struct vlan_info {
struct net_device *real_dev; /* The ethernet(like) device
* the vlan is attached to.
struct vlan_group grp;
struct list_head vid_list;
unsigned int nr_vids;
struct rcu_head rcu;
static inline unsigned int vlan_proto_idx(__be16 proto)
switch (proto) {
case htons(ETH_P_8021Q):
return VLAN_PROTO_8021Q;
case htons(ETH_P_8021AD):
return VLAN_PROTO_8021AD;
return 0;
static inline struct net_device *__vlan_group_get_device(struct vlan_group *vg,
unsigned int pidx,
u16 vlan_id)
struct net_device **array;
array = vg->vlan_devices_arrays[pidx]
return array ? array[vlan_id % VLAN_GROUP_ARRAY_PART_LEN] : NULL;
static inline struct net_device *vlan_group_get_device(struct vlan_group *vg,
__be16 vlan_proto,
u16 vlan_id)
return __vlan_group_get_device(vg, vlan_proto_idx(vlan_proto), vlan_id);
static inline void vlan_group_set_device(struct vlan_group *vg,
__be16 vlan_proto, u16 vlan_id,
struct net_device *dev)
struct net_device **array;
if (!vg)
array = vg->vlan_devices_arrays[vlan_proto_idx(vlan_proto)]
array[vlan_id % VLAN_GROUP_ARRAY_PART_LEN] = dev;
/* Must be invoked with rcu_read_lock or with RTNL. */
static inline struct net_device *vlan_find_dev(struct net_device *real_dev,
__be16 vlan_proto, u16 vlan_id)
struct vlan_info *vlan_info = rcu_dereference_rtnl(real_dev->vlan_info);
if (vlan_info)
return vlan_group_get_device(&vlan_info->grp,
vlan_proto, vlan_id);
return NULL;
#define vlan_group_for_each_dev(grp, i, dev) \
for ((i) = 0; i < VLAN_PROTO_NUM * VLAN_N_VID; i++) \
if (((dev) = __vlan_group_get_device((grp), (i) / VLAN_N_VID, \
(i) % VLAN_N_VID)))
int vlan_filter_push_vids(struct vlan_info *vlan_info, __be16 proto);
void vlan_filter_drop_vids(struct vlan_info *vlan_info, __be16 proto);
/* found in vlan_dev.c */
void vlan_dev_set_ingress_priority(const struct net_device *dev,
u32 skb_prio, u16 vlan_prio);
int vlan_dev_set_egress_priority(const struct net_device *dev,
u32 skb_prio, u16 vlan_prio);
int vlan_dev_change_flags(const struct net_device *dev, u32 flag, u32 mask);
void vlan_dev_get_realdev_name(const struct net_device *dev, char *result);
int vlan_check_real_dev(struct net_device *real_dev,
__be16 protocol, u16 vlan_id,
struct netlink_ext_ack *extack);
void vlan_setup(struct net_device *dev);
int register_vlan_dev(struct net_device *dev, struct netlink_ext_ack *extack);
void unregister_vlan_dev(struct net_device *dev, struct list_head *head);
bool vlan_dev_inherit_address(struct net_device *dev,
struct net_device *real_dev);
static inline u32 vlan_get_ingress_priority(struct net_device *dev,
u16 vlan_tci)
struct vlan_dev_priv *vip = vlan_dev_priv(dev);
return vip->ingress_priority_map[(vlan_tci >> VLAN_PRIO_SHIFT) & 0x7];
int vlan_gvrp_request_join(const struct net_device *dev);
void vlan_gvrp_request_leave(const struct net_device *dev);
int vlan_gvrp_init_applicant(struct net_device *dev);
void vlan_gvrp_uninit_applicant(struct net_device *dev);
int vlan_gvrp_init(void);
void vlan_gvrp_uninit(void);
static inline int vlan_gvrp_request_join(const struct net_device *dev) { return 0; }
static inline void vlan_gvrp_request_leave(const struct net_device *dev) {}
static inline int vlan_gvrp_init_applicant(struct net_device *dev) { return 0; }
static inline void vlan_gvrp_uninit_applicant(struct net_device *dev) {}
static inline int vlan_gvrp_init(void) { return 0; }
static inline void vlan_gvrp_uninit(void) {}
int vlan_mvrp_request_join(const struct net_device *dev);
void vlan_mvrp_request_leave(const struct net_device *dev);
int vlan_mvrp_init_applicant(struct net_device *dev);
void vlan_mvrp_uninit_applicant(struct net_device *dev);
int vlan_mvrp_init(void);
void vlan_mvrp_uninit(void);
static inline int vlan_mvrp_request_join(const struct net_device *dev) { return 0; }
static inline void vlan_mvrp_request_leave(const struct net_device *dev) {}
static inline int vlan_mvrp_init_applicant(struct net_device *dev) { return 0; }
static inline void vlan_mvrp_uninit_applicant(struct net_device *dev) {}
static inline int vlan_mvrp_init(void) { return 0; }
static inline void vlan_mvrp_uninit(void) {}
extern const char vlan_fullname[];
extern const char vlan_version[];
int vlan_netlink_init(void);
void vlan_netlink_fini(void);
extern struct rtnl_link_ops vlan_link_ops;
extern unsigned int vlan_net_id;
struct proc_dir_entry;
struct vlan_net {
/* /proc/net/vlan */
struct proc_dir_entry *proc_vlan_dir;
/* /proc/net/vlan/config */
struct proc_dir_entry *proc_vlan_conf;
/* Determines interface naming scheme. */
unsigned short name_type;
#endif /* !(__BEN_VLAN_802_1Q_INC__) */