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* The msqid64_ds structure for parisc architecture, copied from sparc.
* Note extra padding because this structure is passed back and forth
* between kernel and user space.
* Pad space is left for:
* - 64-bit time_t to solve y2038 problem
* - 2 miscellaneous 32-bit values
struct msqid64_ds {
struct ipc64_perm msg_perm;
#ifndef CONFIG_64BIT
unsigned int __pad1;
__kernel_time_t msg_stime; /* last msgsnd time */
#ifndef CONFIG_64BIT
unsigned int __pad2;
__kernel_time_t msg_rtime; /* last msgrcv time */
#ifndef CONFIG_64BIT
unsigned int __pad3;
__kernel_time_t msg_ctime; /* last change time */
unsigned int msg_cbytes; /* current number of bytes on queue */
unsigned int msg_qnum; /* number of messages in queue */
unsigned int msg_qbytes; /* max number of bytes on queue */
__kernel_pid_t msg_lspid; /* pid of last msgsnd */
__kernel_pid_t msg_lrpid; /* last receive pid */
unsigned int __unused1;
unsigned int __unused2;
#endif /* _PARISC_MSGBUF_H */