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* ds.h -- 16-bit PCMCIA core support
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* The initial developer of the original code is David A. Hinds
* <>. Portions created by David A. Hinds
* are Copyright (C) 1999 David A. Hinds. All Rights Reserved.
* (C) 1999 David A. Hinds
* (C) 2003 - 2004 Dominik Brodowski
#ifndef _LINUX_DS_H
#define _LINUX_DS_H
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#include <linux/mod_devicetable.h>
#include <pcmcia/bulkmem.h>
#include <pcmcia/cs_types.h>
#include <pcmcia/device_id.h>
typedef struct tuple_parse_t {
tuple_t tuple;
cisdata_t data[255];
cisparse_t parse;
} tuple_parse_t;
typedef struct win_info_t {
window_handle_t handle;
win_req_t window;
memreq_t map;
} win_info_t;
typedef struct bind_info_t {
dev_info_t dev_info;
u_char function;
struct dev_link_t *instance;
char name[DEV_NAME_LEN];
u_short major, minor;
void *next;
} bind_info_t;
typedef struct mtd_info_t {
dev_info_t dev_info;
u_int Attributes;
u_int CardOffset;
} mtd_info_t;
typedef union ds_ioctl_arg_t {
adjust_t adjust;
config_info_t config;
tuple_t tuple;
tuple_parse_t tuple_parse;
client_req_t client_req;
cs_status_t status;
conf_reg_t conf_reg;
cisinfo_t cisinfo;
region_info_t region;
bind_info_t bind_info;
mtd_info_t mtd_info;
win_info_t win_info;
cisdump_t cisdump;
} ds_ioctl_arg_t;
#define DS_ADJUST_RESOURCE_INFO _IOWR('d', 2, adjust_t)
#define DS_GET_CONFIGURATION_INFO _IOWR('d', 3, config_info_t)
#define DS_GET_FIRST_TUPLE _IOWR('d', 4, tuple_t)
#define DS_GET_NEXT_TUPLE _IOWR('d', 5, tuple_t)
#define DS_GET_TUPLE_DATA _IOWR('d', 6, tuple_parse_t)
#define DS_PARSE_TUPLE _IOWR('d', 7, tuple_parse_t)
#define DS_RESET_CARD _IO ('d', 8)
#define DS_GET_STATUS _IOWR('d', 9, cs_status_t)
#define DS_ACCESS_CONFIGURATION_REGISTER _IOWR('d', 10, conf_reg_t)
#define DS_VALIDATE_CIS _IOR ('d', 11, cisinfo_t)
#define DS_SUSPEND_CARD _IO ('d', 12)
#define DS_RESUME_CARD _IO ('d', 13)
#define DS_EJECT_CARD _IO ('d', 14)
#define DS_INSERT_CARD _IO ('d', 15)
#define DS_GET_FIRST_REGION _IOWR('d', 16, region_info_t)
#define DS_GET_NEXT_REGION _IOWR('d', 17, region_info_t)
#define DS_REPLACE_CIS _IOWR('d', 18, cisdump_t)
#define DS_GET_FIRST_WINDOW _IOR ('d', 19, win_info_t)
#define DS_GET_NEXT_WINDOW _IOWR('d', 20, win_info_t)
#define DS_GET_MEM_PAGE _IOWR('d', 21, win_info_t)
#define DS_BIND_REQUEST _IOWR('d', 60, bind_info_t)
#define DS_GET_DEVICE_INFO _IOWR('d', 61, bind_info_t)
#define DS_GET_NEXT_DEVICE _IOWR('d', 62, bind_info_t)
#define DS_UNBIND_REQUEST _IOW ('d', 63, bind_info_t)
#define DS_BIND_MTD _IOWR('d', 64, mtd_info_t)
#ifdef __KERNEL__
#include <linux/device.h>
typedef struct dev_node_t {
char dev_name[DEV_NAME_LEN];
u_short major, minor;
struct dev_node_t *next;
} dev_node_t;
typedef struct dev_link_t {
dev_node_t *dev;
u_int state, open;
wait_queue_head_t pending;
client_handle_t handle;
io_req_t io;
irq_req_t irq;
config_req_t conf;
window_handle_t win;
void *priv;
struct dev_link_t *next;
} dev_link_t;
/* Flags for device state */
#define DEV_PRESENT 0x01
#define DEV_CONFIG 0x02
#define DEV_STALE_CONFIG 0x04 /* release on close */
#define DEV_STALE_LINK 0x08 /* detach on release */
#define DEV_SUSPEND 0x40
#define DEV_BUSY 0x80
#define DEV_OK(l) \
((l) && ((l->state & ~DEV_BUSY) == (DEV_CONFIG|DEV_PRESENT)))
struct pcmcia_socket;
struct pcmcia_driver {
dev_link_t *(*attach)(void);
int (*event) (event_t event, int priority,
event_callback_args_t *);
void (*detach)(dev_link_t *);
struct module *owner;
struct pcmcia_device_id *id_table;
struct device_driver drv;
/* driver registration */
int pcmcia_register_driver(struct pcmcia_driver *driver);
void pcmcia_unregister_driver(struct pcmcia_driver *driver);
struct pcmcia_device {
/* the socket and the device_no [for multifunction devices]
uniquely define a pcmcia_device */
struct pcmcia_socket *socket;
u8 device_no;
/* the hardware "function" device; certain subdevices can
* share one hardware "function" device. */
u8 func;
struct list_head socket_device_list;
/* deprecated, a cleaned up version will be moved into this
struct soon */
dev_link_t *instance;
event_callback_args_t event_callback_args;
u_int state;
/* information about this device */
u8 has_manf_id:1;
u8 has_card_id:1;
u8 has_func_id:1;
u8 allow_func_id_match:1;
u8 reserved:4;
u8 func_id;
u16 manf_id;
u16 card_id;
char * prod_id[4];
/* device driver wanted by cardmgr */
struct pcmcia_driver * cardmgr;
struct device dev;
#define to_pcmcia_dev(n) container_of(n, struct pcmcia_device, dev)
#define to_pcmcia_drv(n) container_of(n, struct pcmcia_driver, drv)
#define handle_to_pdev(handle) (handle)
#define handle_to_dev(handle) (handle->dev)
/* error reporting */
void cs_error(client_handle_t handle, int func, int ret);
#endif /* __KERNEL__ */
#endif /* _LINUX_DS_H */