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#include <scsi/scsi_cmnd.h>
struct request;
struct scsi_cmnd;
struct scsi_device;
struct Scsi_Host;
* This is essentially a slimmed down version of Scsi_Cmnd. The point of
* having this is that requests that are injected into the queue as result
* of things like ioctls and character devices shouldn't be using a
* Scsi_Cmnd until such a time that the command is actually at the head
* of the queue and being sent to the driver.
struct scsi_request {
int sr_magic;
int sr_result; /* Status code from lower level driver */
unsigned char sr_sense_buffer[SCSI_SENSE_BUFFERSIZE]; /* obtained by REQUEST SENSE
* received on original command
* (auto-sense) */
struct Scsi_Host *sr_host;
struct scsi_device *sr_device;
struct scsi_cmnd *sr_command;
struct request *sr_request; /* A copy of the command we are
working on */
unsigned sr_bufflen; /* Size of data buffer */
void *sr_buffer; /* Data buffer */
int sr_allowed;
enum dma_data_direction sr_data_direction;
unsigned char sr_cmd_len;
unsigned char sr_cmnd[MAX_COMMAND_SIZE];
void (*sr_done) (struct scsi_cmnd *); /* Mid-level done function */
int sr_timeout_per_command;
unsigned short sr_use_sg; /* Number of pieces of scatter-gather */
unsigned short sr_sglist_len; /* size of malloc'd scatter-gather list */
unsigned sr_underflow; /* Return error if less than
this amount is transferred */
void *upper_private_data; /* reserved for owner (usually upper
level driver) of this request */
extern struct scsi_request *scsi_allocate_request(struct scsi_device *, int);
extern void scsi_release_request(struct scsi_request *);
extern void scsi_wait_req(struct scsi_request *, const void *cmnd,
void *buffer, unsigned bufflen,
int timeout, int retries);
extern void scsi_do_req(struct scsi_request *, const void *cmnd,
void *buffer, unsigned bufflen,
void (*done) (struct scsi_cmnd *),
int timeout, int retries);
struct scsi_mode_data {
__u32 length;
__u16 block_descriptor_length;
__u8 medium_type;
__u8 device_specific;
__u8 header_length;
__u8 longlba:1;
extern int __scsi_mode_sense(struct scsi_request *SRpnt, int dbd,
int modepage, unsigned char *buffer, int len,
int timeout, int retries,
struct scsi_mode_data *data);
#endif /* _SCSI_SCSI_REQUEST_H */