[NET_SCHED]: HFSC: fix thinko in hfsc_adjust_levels()
  [IPV6]: skb leakage in inet6_csk_xmit
  [BRIDGE]: Do sysfs registration inside rtnl.
  [NET]: Do sysfs registration as part of register_netdevice.
  [TG3]: Fix possible NULL deref in tg3_run_loopback().
  [NET] linkwatch: Handle jiffies wrap-around
  [IRDA]: Switching to a workqueue for the SIR work
  [IRDA]: smsc-ircc: Minimal hotplug support.
  [IRDA]: Removing unused EXPORT_SYMBOLs
  [IRDA]: New maintainer.
  [NET]: Make netdev_chain a raw notifier.
  [IPV4]: ip_options_fragment() has no effect on fragmentation
  [NET]: Add missing operstates documentation.