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# Makefile for the drm device driver. This driver provides support for the
# Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) in XFree86 4.1.0 and higher.
drm-objs := drm_auth.o drm_bufs.o drm_context.o drm_dma.o drm_drawable.o \
drm_drv.o drm_fops.o drm_ioctl.o drm_irq.o \
drm_lock.o drm_memory.o drm_proc.o drm_stub.o drm_vm.o \
drm_agpsupport.o drm_scatter.o ati_pcigart.o drm_pci.o \
drm_sysfs.o drm_hashtab.o drm_sman.o drm_mm.o
tdfx-objs := tdfx_drv.o
r128-objs := r128_drv.o r128_cce.o r128_state.o r128_irq.o
mga-objs := mga_drv.o mga_dma.o mga_state.o mga_warp.o mga_irq.o
i810-objs := i810_drv.o i810_dma.o
i830-objs := i830_drv.o i830_dma.o i830_irq.o
i915-objs := i915_drv.o i915_dma.o i915_irq.o i915_mem.o
radeon-objs := radeon_drv.o radeon_cp.o radeon_state.o radeon_mem.o radeon_irq.o r300_cmdbuf.o
sis-objs := sis_drv.o sis_mm.o
savage-objs := savage_drv.o savage_bci.o savage_state.o
via-objs := via_irq.o via_drv.o via_map.o via_mm.o via_dma.o via_verifier.o via_video.o via_dmablit.o
ifeq ($(CONFIG_COMPAT),y)
drm-objs += drm_ioc32.o
radeon-objs += radeon_ioc32.o
mga-objs += mga_ioc32.o
r128-objs += r128_ioc32.o
i915-objs += i915_ioc32.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM) += drm.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_TDFX) += tdfx.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_R128) += r128.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_RADEON)+= radeon.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_MGA) += mga.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_I810) += i810.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_I830) += i830.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_I915) += i915.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_SIS) += sis.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_SAVAGE)+= savage.o
obj-$(CONFIG_DRM_VIA) +=via.o