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#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/uio.h>
#include <linux/wait.h>
struct smb_request {
struct list_head rq_queue; /* recvq or xmitq for the server */
atomic_t rq_count;
wait_queue_head_t rq_wait;
int rq_flags;
int rq_mid; /* multiplex ID, set by request.c */
struct smb_sb_info *rq_server;
/* header + word count + parameter words + byte count */
unsigned char rq_header[SMB_HEADER_LEN + 20*2 + 2];
int rq_bufsize;
unsigned char *rq_buffer;
/* FIXME: this is not good enough for merging IO requests. */
unsigned char *rq_page;
int rq_rsize;
int rq_resp_wct;
int rq_resp_bcc;
int rq_rlen;
int rq_bytes_recvd;
int rq_slen;
int rq_bytes_sent;
int rq_iovlen;
struct kvec rq_iov[4];
int (*rq_setup_read) (struct smb_request *);
void (*rq_callback) (struct smb_request *);
/* ------ trans2 stuff ------ */
u16 rq_trans2_command; /* 0 if not a trans2 request */
unsigned int rq_ldata;
unsigned char *rq_data;
unsigned int rq_lparm;
unsigned char *rq_parm;
int rq_fragment;
u32 rq_total_data;
u32 rq_total_parm;
int rq_trans2bufsize;
unsigned char *rq_trans2buffer;
/* ------ response ------ */
unsigned short rq_rcls;
unsigned short rq_err;
int rq_errno;
#define SMB_REQ_STATIC 0x0001 /* rq_buffer is static */
#define SMB_REQ_NORETRY 0x0002 /* request is invalid after retry */
#define SMB_REQ_TRANSMITTED 0x4000 /* all data has been sent */
#define SMB_REQ_RECEIVED 0x8000 /* reply received, smbiod is done */
#define xSMB_REQ_NOREPLY 0x0004 /* we don't want the reply (if any) */
#define xSMB_REQ_NORECEIVER 0x0008 /* caller doesn't wait for response */