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This is the implementation of the SystemV/Coherent filesystem for Linux.
It implements all of
- Xenix FS,
- SystemV/386 FS,
- Coherent FS.
This is version beta 4.
To install:
* Answer the 'System V and Coherent filesystem support' question with 'y'
when configuring the kernel.
* To mount a disk or a partition, use
mount [-r] -t sysv device mountpoint
The file system type names
-t sysv
-t xenix
-t coherent
may be used interchangeably, but the last two will eventually disappear.
Bugs in the present implementation:
- Coherent FS:
- The "free list interleave" n:m is currently ignored.
- Only file systems with no filesystem name and no pack name are recognized.
(See Coherent "man mkfs" for a description of these features.)
- SystemV Release 2 FS:
The superblock is only searched in the blocks 9, 15, 18, which
corresponds to the beginning of track 1 on floppy disks. No support
for this FS on hard disk yet.
Please report any bugs and suggestions to
Bruno Haible <>
Pascal Haible <>
Krzysztof G. Baranowski <>
Bruno Haible