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/* Functions exported by drivers/block/acsi.c */
void acsi_delay_start( void );
void acsi_delay_end( long usec );
int acsi_wait_for_IRQ( unsigned timeout );
int acsi_wait_for_noIRQ( unsigned timeout );
int acsicmd_nodma( const char *cmd, int enable);
int acsi_getstatus( void );
int acsi_extstatus( char *buffer, int cnt );
void acsi_end_extstatus( void );
int acsi_extcmd( unsigned char *buffer, int cnt );
/* The ACSI buffer is guarantueed to reside in ST-RAM and may be used by other
* drivers that work on the ACSI bus, too. It's data are valid only as long as
* the ST-DMA is locked. */
extern char *acsi_buffer;
extern unsigned long phys_acsi_buffer;
/* Utility macros */
/* Send one data byte over the bus and set mode for next operation
* with one move.l -- Atari recommends this...
#define DMA_LONG_WRITE(data,mode) \
do { \
*((unsigned long *)&dma_wd.fdc_acces_seccount) = \
((data)<<16) | (mode); \
} while(0)
#define ENABLE_IRQ() atari_turnon_irq( IRQ_MFP_ACSI )
#define DISABLE_IRQ() atari_turnoff_irq( IRQ_MFP_ACSI )
#endif /* _ASM_ATARI_ACSI_H */