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* asmmacro.h: Assembler macros to make things easier to read.
* Copyright (C) 1996 David S. Miller (
* Copyright (C) 1998, 1999 Ralf Baechle
* Copyright (C) 1999 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
#ifndef _ASM_ASMMACRO_64_H
#define _ASM_ASMMACRO_64_H
#include <asm/asm-offsets.h>
#include <asm/regdef.h>
#include <asm/fpregdef.h>
#include <asm/mipsregs.h>
.macro fpu_save_16even thread tmp=t0
cfc1 \tmp, fcr31
sdc1 $f0, THREAD_FPR0(\thread)
sdc1 $f2, THREAD_FPR2(\thread)
sdc1 $f4, THREAD_FPR4(\thread)
sdc1 $f6, THREAD_FPR6(\thread)
sdc1 $f8, THREAD_FPR8(\thread)
sdc1 $f10, THREAD_FPR10(\thread)
sdc1 $f12, THREAD_FPR12(\thread)
sdc1 $f14, THREAD_FPR14(\thread)
sdc1 $f16, THREAD_FPR16(\thread)
sdc1 $f18, THREAD_FPR18(\thread)
sdc1 $f20, THREAD_FPR20(\thread)
sdc1 $f22, THREAD_FPR22(\thread)
sdc1 $f24, THREAD_FPR24(\thread)
sdc1 $f26, THREAD_FPR26(\thread)
sdc1 $f28, THREAD_FPR28(\thread)
sdc1 $f30, THREAD_FPR30(\thread)
sw \tmp, THREAD_FCR31(\thread)
.macro fpu_save_16odd thread
sdc1 $f1, THREAD_FPR1(\thread)
sdc1 $f3, THREAD_FPR3(\thread)
sdc1 $f5, THREAD_FPR5(\thread)
sdc1 $f7, THREAD_FPR7(\thread)
sdc1 $f9, THREAD_FPR9(\thread)
sdc1 $f11, THREAD_FPR11(\thread)
sdc1 $f13, THREAD_FPR13(\thread)
sdc1 $f15, THREAD_FPR15(\thread)
sdc1 $f17, THREAD_FPR17(\thread)
sdc1 $f19, THREAD_FPR19(\thread)
sdc1 $f21, THREAD_FPR21(\thread)
sdc1 $f23, THREAD_FPR23(\thread)
sdc1 $f25, THREAD_FPR25(\thread)
sdc1 $f27, THREAD_FPR27(\thread)
sdc1 $f29, THREAD_FPR29(\thread)
sdc1 $f31, THREAD_FPR31(\thread)
.macro fpu_save_double thread status tmp1 tmp2
sll \tmp2, \tmp1, 5
bgez \tmp2, 2f
fpu_save_16odd \thread
fpu_save_16even \thread \tmp1 # clobbers t1
.macro fpu_restore_16even thread tmp=t0
lw \tmp, THREAD_FCR31(\thread)
ldc1 $f0, THREAD_FPR0(\thread)
ldc1 $f2, THREAD_FPR2(\thread)
ldc1 $f4, THREAD_FPR4(\thread)
ldc1 $f6, THREAD_FPR6(\thread)
ldc1 $f8, THREAD_FPR8(\thread)
ldc1 $f10, THREAD_FPR10(\thread)
ldc1 $f12, THREAD_FPR12(\thread)
ldc1 $f14, THREAD_FPR14(\thread)
ldc1 $f16, THREAD_FPR16(\thread)
ldc1 $f18, THREAD_FPR18(\thread)
ldc1 $f20, THREAD_FPR20(\thread)
ldc1 $f22, THREAD_FPR22(\thread)
ldc1 $f24, THREAD_FPR24(\thread)
ldc1 $f26, THREAD_FPR26(\thread)
ldc1 $f28, THREAD_FPR28(\thread)
ldc1 $f30, THREAD_FPR30(\thread)
ctc1 \tmp, fcr31
.macro fpu_restore_16odd thread
ldc1 $f1, THREAD_FPR1(\thread)
ldc1 $f3, THREAD_FPR3(\thread)
ldc1 $f5, THREAD_FPR5(\thread)
ldc1 $f7, THREAD_FPR7(\thread)
ldc1 $f9, THREAD_FPR9(\thread)
ldc1 $f11, THREAD_FPR11(\thread)
ldc1 $f13, THREAD_FPR13(\thread)
ldc1 $f15, THREAD_FPR15(\thread)
ldc1 $f17, THREAD_FPR17(\thread)
ldc1 $f19, THREAD_FPR19(\thread)
ldc1 $f21, THREAD_FPR21(\thread)
ldc1 $f23, THREAD_FPR23(\thread)
ldc1 $f25, THREAD_FPR25(\thread)
ldc1 $f27, THREAD_FPR27(\thread)
ldc1 $f29, THREAD_FPR29(\thread)
ldc1 $f31, THREAD_FPR31(\thread)
.macro fpu_restore_double thread tmp
mfc0 t0, CP0_STATUS
sll t1, t0, 5
bgez t1, 1f # 16 register mode?
fpu_restore_16odd a0
1: fpu_restore_16even a0, t0 # clobbers t0
.macro cpu_save_nonscratch thread
LONG_S s0, THREAD_REG16(\thread)
LONG_S s1, THREAD_REG17(\thread)
LONG_S s2, THREAD_REG18(\thread)
LONG_S s3, THREAD_REG19(\thread)
LONG_S s4, THREAD_REG20(\thread)
LONG_S s5, THREAD_REG21(\thread)
LONG_S s6, THREAD_REG22(\thread)
LONG_S s7, THREAD_REG23(\thread)
LONG_S sp, THREAD_REG29(\thread)
LONG_S fp, THREAD_REG30(\thread)
.macro cpu_restore_nonscratch thread
LONG_L s0, THREAD_REG16(\thread)
LONG_L s1, THREAD_REG17(\thread)
LONG_L s2, THREAD_REG18(\thread)
LONG_L s3, THREAD_REG19(\thread)
LONG_L s4, THREAD_REG20(\thread)
LONG_L s5, THREAD_REG21(\thread)
LONG_L s6, THREAD_REG22(\thread)
LONG_L s7, THREAD_REG23(\thread)
LONG_L sp, THREAD_REG29(\thread)
LONG_L fp, THREAD_REG30(\thread)
LONG_L ra, THREAD_REG31(\thread)
#endif /* _ASM_ASMMACRO_64_H */