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** This file is private to iosapic driver.
** If stuff needs to be used by another driver, move it to a common file.
** WARNING: fields most data structures here are ordered to make sure
** they pack nicely for 64-bit compilation. (ie sizeof(long) == 8)
** I/O SAPIC init function
** Caller knows where an I/O SAPIC is. LBA has an integrated I/O SAPIC.
** Call setup as part of per instance initialization.
** (ie *not* init_module() function unless only one is present.)
** fixup_irq is to initialize PCI IRQ line support and
** virtualize pcidev->irq value. To be called by pci_fixup_bus().
extern void *iosapic_register(unsigned long hpa);
extern int iosapic_fixup_irq(void *obj, struct pci_dev *pcidev);
#ifdef __IA64__
** PA: PIB (Processor Interrupt Block) is handled by Runway bus adapter.
** and is hardcoded to 0xfeeNNNN0 where NNNN is id_eid field.
** IA64: PIB is handled by "Local SAPIC" (integrated in the processor).
struct local_sapic_info {
struct local_sapic_info *lsi_next; /* point to next CPU info */
int *lsi_cpu_id; /* point to logical CPU id */
unsigned long *lsi_id_eid; /* point to IA-64 CPU id */
int *lsi_status; /* point to CPU status */
void *lsi_private; /* point to special info */
** "root" data structure which ties everything together.
** Should always be able to start with sapic_root and locate
** the desired information.
struct sapic_info {
struct sapic_info *si_next; /* info is per cell */
int si_cellid; /* cell id */
unsigned int si_status; /* status */
char *si_pib_base; /* intr blk base address */
local_sapic_info_t *si_local_info;
io_sapic_info_t *si_io_info;
extint_info_t *si_extint_info;/* External Intr info */
#endif /* IA64 */